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   Chapter 22 21-Unspoken Question

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21-Unspoken Question

There were no other incidents during the 24 hour flight from Melbourne Australia to Catania Sicily in Italy on their private jet. Both couples slept during half of the trip and on the other half was spent discussing about the wedding preparations and the parties that they will be hosting.

The well guarded and very secured Garcia's estate is located in an isolated mountainside near the coast of Catania. Almost two hours of land travel from the airport to their mansion and they were home. Liam and Frankie had to disentangle from themselves the moment the car turned on the curb leading to the estate. It was almost time for dinner when they reached the house. Their parents were already waiting for them at the Receiving area of the mansion when they arrived.

Seeing the two pairs of parents who still looked young and doesn't seem to age always makes Liam's heart swell with happiness. All four of them took turns in hugging and kissing the hands of Lance, Cassie, Alex and Marco.

"How was your trip?" It was Alex who asked and Frankie moved to her mother's side and slipped her arms on her waist then leaned on her shoulder. He smiled at her gesture.

"It was fine. I just wanted it to be over so I could see you again."

"Awww, my baby girl is so sweet. I wonder what happened this time. Come on, Alej and Frankie, spill the beans." All four of them stiffened as they saw Alessandra's calculating gaze but Liam was not fazed. He simply walked towards his father and godfather and kneeled in front of them, looking at them straight in their eyes. He switched his gaze from one parent to the next to show that he is sincere and serious in what he was about to tell them. He heard Frankie's gasp not only when he knelt but when he spoke.

"Dad, Mom, Uncle Marco and Aunt Alex, Francesca and I are now together. I would like to formally ask for her hand in marriage." Another gasp from Frankie and he forced himself not to smile and look at her. He had to finish his speech otherwise, he would surely be in trouble. "I know this may seem sudden but you may all be aware how

hand, he fished something from his jean's right pocket. A sparking five-carat diamond engagement ring in a blaze frame decorated with black and white diamonds. The white gold ring was fully covered with diamonds, white in the sides and black in the middle.

"I got carried away that I forgot to do the most important thing before I asked for your hand in marriage..." Liam got on one knee, offered her the ring while he gazed at her tear-filled eyes. He wanted to bask on the look of love and adoration he sees in there. "I have loved you for the longest time and have been preparing myself for this day for years. I may have lost track of the real purpose why I wanted to succeed in almost everything that I do, but now, I remember. It's because of you. I want to be worthy to be with you. Thank you for agreeing to be my wife even if I haven't formally asked you, yet." She swatted his head softly and they both laughed. "My princess, soon to be queen, will you marry me and make lots of babies with me?" Her grin was infectious. She giggled and pulled him up to stand in front of her.

"I want my gorgeous ring first then a toe-curling kiss and I'll say yes to both." He did what was told. The million-dollar ring he purchased from his contact in Sydney before he drove to the Beach was a perfect fit. He kissed her lips softly, pouring his elation and affection to have her permanently in his life.

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