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   Chapter 21 20-Against the Odds

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20-Against the Odds

Liam and Frankie waded as fast as they could to the shore and carefully ran towards the house and ducking away from sight. Dread filled Liam when he saw their security team crouching behind the distant trees and pointing their guns at the house. He knew then that someone might have sneaked inside the house. He looked around and searched for something that could help them both when Frankie pulled him to the left, towards a big rock formation, away from their original destination. She crouched and dug in the sand. He helped her without knowing what they were looking for. Soon enough, his jaw almost fell when she took out a big black duffel leather bag and from there took two large rifles and a few Shuriken blades. She handed him one of the rifle and two pouches which contained the blades. He was still crouched down, face masked with surprise and delight when she turned at him.

"Liam, stop looking at me as if this is a surprise gift! Of course I would stash away ammo. There are more around the perimeter and inside house. I just forgot to mention to my brother when they arrived. He's not stupid, I'm sure he's also prepared. Come on, we have to go! We have to help them!" She scolded as she pulled him. He took the bag from her hand and they resumed their stealthy trek to the beach house.

"Let's split up. Go to the other side and I'll go around here." She pointed the front of the house where Liam was supposed to go. The mafia princess was obviously the leader of their tandem. He just nodded his head and followed her instruction. The four security escorts saw them, nodded their heads and two followed them to cover their backs just in case they need backup. The other two stayed on their position to shoot at the enemies that might break in the house. When Frankie was nowhere in site, they started moving. His wet clothes would have made him feel cold but with the adrenaline of the situation, he felt warm all over, not to mention his flaring temper to the group that was sabotaging their peaceful vacation.

"Boss, there are two men at th

to be taken because of the near ambush.

"How did you know we'd be attacked today?" Frankie asked her brother after a few minutes of silence.

"I didn't. But I'm always prepared. It also helped that the guards called that someone invaded the perimeter." Alejandro's voice was as soft as possible while he held his asleep fiancee.

"Frankie had some guns stashed in the sand." Alejandro smiled and looked at Liam and his sister's adjoined hands.

"Some things never change. She's her father's daughter."

Liam smiled as he remembered their parent's story that Marco has an armory on almost all of his houses and escape routes as well.

Alejandro's phone beeped and he raised his arm to read the message. His smile turned into a smirk as he handed Liam the phone. He and Frankie read the message, their moods generally brightened.

"That was fast. I'm sure their boss would appreciate the secrets that they spilled. Though we still have to validate the information. We can't afford a trap nor a false information. Bro, are you sure you don't want to go back and..."

"No. Family is more important." He smiled as he saw Alejandro caress his sister's face. He noticed that Frankie was doing the same. He squeezed her hand and she gazed at him with a wider grin. Family is indeed more valuable than anything and Liam swore that their family would always be safe against all odds.

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