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   Chapter 20 19-Together

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When Frankie woke up the following morning, it was to the smell of bacon. She felt her stomach grumble in obvious hunger. Wearing one of the button up shirts he bought at the local store when they went shopping the previous night, she went downstairs to the kitchen where a sweet surprise awaits. She heard some laughter and her best friend's voice. She stopped near the door to listen to the conversation, with a smile on her face.

"You should have seen our father's face when I told him that I'm pregnant with twins."

"I bet his eyes glazed up with a balloon popping up his head saying heirs...two heirs."

"The most comical part was the Mafia boss' reaction. His eyes actually teared up and he had to excuse himself from the video conference call. Mum had to follow him to their room." Frankie's grin widened as she heard her father's reaction to the news. She knew her father is the biggest softie of all when it comes to family. He may seem tough and manly but to her mother and to them he was the sweetest. She's sure that he would make an excellent grandfather.

"So, I guess everything is in motion then?" She chose that time to show up and ask a serious question.

"Frankie!" Luna stood up from her stool and approached her for a hug. "Yes, they were all thrilled to know that we'll be having babies in our family soon. By the way, we have to leave early. All four of us is expected to be in Italy next week. I kind of spilled that we are here in Australia right now. Aunt Sammy and Uncle Rob and the whole Barrons will also be there for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I'm so excited to see everyone!"

"Liam? What do you say?" He was done cooking the bacon and started plating them. She saw her brother holding u

d shirt on, " Liam whispered as they walked on the sand, their bare feet imprinting on the sandy water.

"You have to know that I only have your shirt on, " she teasingly said. Her words left him gawking at her and she just laughed it off. She squealed when he carried her bridal style and went in to the water. They were in waist deep water, his trackpants wet as well as the lower part of his white muscle shirt. When he twirled her, her laughter echoed the empty beach.

"Liam, put me down!"

"Only if you kiss me, " and so she did. With every passion burning in her being, he poured her feelings on that kiss. Every stroke of her mouth on his and the dance of their tongues as she held his face in both of her hands made her feel alive and wanting for more. The calm water helped Liam stand with his feet planted in the sand while her legs were on his waist. She felt his restless hands feeling his way into his wet shirt and it fuelled more of her desire for him. She moaned in his lips when his hands dipped into her soaking core.

They would have carried their passion a notch higher if not for the series of gun fires that they heard from the house.

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