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   Chapter 19 18- Family’s Bond

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18- Family's Bond

It was mid day when he woke up. Both Liam and Frankie needed sleep and that's what they did after having breakfast. Liam cooked for his princess and she was smiling all throughout their meal because of the heart shaped pancake with chocolate drizzle on top and eggs with I love you, Frankie written in ketchup. Liam dialed Alejandro's number and he answered on the first ring.

"Bro, has the package been delivered?" Liam looked back at the room where he left his girlfriend sleeping soundlessly. He smiled. She looked fragile underneath the covers, not like the mafia princess that could dodge bullets and throw daggers. For a moment there, he was distracted and he heard Alejandro called his name twice before he asked him to repeat his response.

"To repeat my answer, yes. We are waiting for their response as we speak."

Liam sighed and went to the balcony overlooking the ocean. He closed his eyes and smelled the breeze before he replied. "We tried to avoid this but it was them who waged war on us."

"Do you want to speak with him? I'm here right now. Do you hear his scream?" Liam smirked and sat on one of the lounge chairs. He propped his feet on the table and relaxed himself with the knowledge that someone deserving is being punished at that moment.

"I'd rather stay away. I don't want to stain my hands with unworthy blood." Liam hated Pablo Diaz more than anyone now that he knew about what the bastard did to Frankie but they still need him.

"The son of a bitch is fucking tough! He would not admit anything." He heard the wrath in Alejandro's voice and he couldn't blame him since he felt the same way. Liam knew how protective Alej is with his twin sister and it's taking too much of his self control to not outright shoot Pablo with his gun.

"Let him. He would miss all his fingers if keeps on denying the allegations against him. I'm wondering how his clan would react with our message." Liam sm

his mind by staring at her. As if on cue, she slowly opened her eyes and raised one arm to caress his face with her soft fingers. He closed his eyes at the contact.

"Good afternoon, I presume?" she asked, her hand shifting from his cheek to his nose, lips down to his neck.

"Yes, " he moaned when her hand moved South and settled on something that seemed to get larger with every stroke.

"I'm hungry and would like to eat, " she whispered in his ear and he almost lost his control when she dipped her tongue and teased his earlobe.

"I'll prepare some food, " he moaned again as her hand went inside the band of his boxers.

"No need. I have something in mind that would satisfy my craving." Her voice was sultry and his already darkened eyes dilated with the way she was looking at him as she straddled him and grinded herself on the hardest part of his body which she was also fortunately holding. She moved gracefully and slid lower so that her mouth would meet her hands.

"Oh, fuck, " his voice was hoarse and his hands were clenching the side of his pillow. He looked down and saw her smirking at him before licking him like a popsicle.

"Soon, my love. Very soon."

They spent the rest of their day locked inside the room, proving how much they loved and missed each other.

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