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   Chapter 18 17-Understanding

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"Oh my Gosh, Liam! What happened? Where have you been? You have blood on your shirt!" He wouldn't have to deal with his sister if she was not in the hotel lobby with Alejandro waiting for him. All he wanted to do was rush to wherever Francesca was and talk to her.

"I'm fine. Where is Frankie?" Liam asked Luna who was in front of him and Alejandro who just got off the phone and approached them.

"We are trying to reach her now. She rushed out when she overheard that you were taken. The guards were busy tracing the call and your position. We thought she was in her room but the valet said she took a car and drove off. When we finally reached her, we told her that you were already safe and on your way here but she said she'll be back tomorrow when everything has calmed down..."

Alejandro was cut off by Liam's explicit words, "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Will this fucking day ever end!" He took his phone out from his socks and checked Francesca's location on the application on his phone. When he could not find anything, he wanted to take out his pistol and shoot at anything just to vent out his frustration. "Where is she?!"

"She wasn't able to charge her phone when all of us were trying to contact you, her phone is beeping from low battery and..." Liam ignored Luna and walked out of the hotel. He heard his sister and soon to be brother in law calling him. He also heard the footsteps of their security team following him. He knew he had to find her even if he doesn't know where to start looking. He was walking fast with no specific direction. He glanced at his phone and the wallpaper screamed at him. He called Alejandro and he picked up on the first ring.

"Bro, I think I know where she is. I'll take one of the cars. Take care of the mess for me. We'll come back as soon as we sort this out."

"Okay. Take some men with you. They'll be following you discreetly. Just make sure your tracer is on."

"Thanks." Liam ended the call and walked back to the front of the hotel where the black Range Rover he rode from the extraction point was parked. He took the keys from the dr

s from her. They were silent for a few seconds before he gave in.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad and upset. I believe you and I will help you with this mission. But, let's forget about this for now, please, my princess? Aren't you happy I'm here?" Liam used his most convincing and sweet voice to calm her. She blinked a few times before walking towards him and leaning on his chest as she looped her arms on his waist in a firm hug.

"I'm glad you're here and safe. I was so worried. I love you, Liam. Only you." Liam's heart fluttered. He kissed the top of her head with her admission.

"I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm here now. I love you. I've always loved you and I will forever love you." He waited for her to look up and when she did, he leaned closer to capture her lips into a sweet and gentle kiss. A kiss that would make her feel loved and secured, just like what he needed at the moment. The way they kissed him gave him confidence that they will surpass all the hurdles that would challenge their relationship. He finally understood what love is all about. Acceptance and understanding that whatever happened in the past will not define what they have in the present. They just needed to support each other in every battle. They are not only together as one unit. They will always be one.

Their kiss lasted through the sunrise. A new day to conquer and celebrate together.

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