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   Chapter 17 16-Karma

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"Bro, where are you?" Liam's car phone automatically answered Alejandro's call after five rings. He have been driving around the city for hours and now he was a deserted alley after turning off his phone's tracer and his rental car's GPS. He was supposed to reject the call but the car in front of him stopped abruptly. He would surely bump it if he had pressed the reject button.

"Fuck!" He cursed when three men wearing black hoodies got off the car he almost ran into. They stood at the side of his car and pounded on it for him to get off. He could have easily ran them over or put the car in reverse but he needed to release the anger and tension he's feeling. "I'll call you later, Bro. I'll be busy in a couple of minutes." He cracked his knuckles and rotated his shoulders, readying himself for some exercise.

"Liam? Your security team lost you. Turn on your tracker. My sister is going nuts with worry. She's also driving me and Luna insane with her asking us every five fucking seconds if you're here already." Liam sighed and wore one brass knuckles on his right hand and tied the black bandanna from his pocket to cover it. He knew that Australia does not permit the use of knuckle duster. He was about to respond when one of the men outside kicked his car.

"Are you in trouble right now? I swear I heard something."

"No. I'm all good." Liam ended the call. The man nearest to the car moved aside so he could open his door. He got out and the men backed off a few steps. Like a hunter to it's prey, he immediately sensed their fear. He sighed as he realized who he's dealing with.

"What seems to be the problem?" he asked in a much nicer tone than he would have used normally. He was a few inches taller than them. Even with their distance, he could distinguish that they are only in their teens.

"Fuck, old man! You almost hit my father's—I mean, my fucking car!" the shortest of the boys exclaimed and Liam almost lost his cool with the term old man. He may be older than them but he certainly looked better. He composed himself before responding.

"You stopped in the middle of the road. You said it, almost. I didn't hit your father's car. Now, go home and leave the old man alone." He saw the hesitation on their faces even with the dim street light illuminating them. One

nd before he landed both of his fists on his guards' nose then elbowed their ribs. With enough leg room, he was able to raise his right leg and forcefully kick the man beside the driver on his neck. With a crack, he knew it broke. Liam took the brass knuckles and threw it at the driver's face when he tried to reach for him. It poked his eye, earning a curse from him while still holding his face. The men beside him tried to wrestle him as he leaned forward to take his pistol. He groaned when a hilt of the gun jabbed at his back. He stopped fighting when he heard the cock of a gun, readying the trigger for firing.

"You don't want to do that if I were you." Liam smirked, waiting for the real fun to start.

"Why is that?! You fucking cut my face!"

"Because you will be dead before you could even pull that trigger."

Just as he said, all the doors opened and the man who held him on gunpoint dropped dead on the street. Liam knew that the man was shot in the head which was a special treatment to him for calling his girl a stupid bitch and for pointing a gun at him. The other men were pulled out of the car with guns pointing on their faces. He's sure that even the two other vehicles will have the same fate.

"Sorry, Boss. We lost you."

"Borris, where is the package?"

"Still in transit. No changes on the schedule."

"Good. Clean up this mess. I'm going home."

Liam got off the car without even a backward glance on the men who were kneeling on the street with their arms on their head. Karma at it's finest.

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