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   Chapter 15 14-Shower with Love

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14-Shower with Love

When they arrived at their hotel suite a few minutes later, the place was eerily quiet. He was holding Frankie's hand as they traversed the carpeted hallway to their bedroom. She was still not in the mood and he felt worried on what could be the case. He already assured her of his intention and he didn't know why she still seemed irritated.

"Princess, let's shower first before we go to the restaurant. Maybe the two soon to be parents dozed off. It's too quiet." She just nodded her head and gently removed her hand from his then went straight to the shower. He simply followed her and started removing his tie and coat, throwing it at the floor as his eyes focused on her. She hitched up her skirt when she sat at the closed water closet. Liam gulped when he saw her exposed legs as she removed her three inches stiletto heels. He did the same, stepping on his feet to remove both of his leather black shoes. When she was done with her footwear, she shimmied out of her skirt and removed her cardigan and blouse. Liam was already familiar with her body but watching her strip in front of him fuelled his desire for her ten times more. Frankie stood up and went under the showers. When she turned the lever on, the temperature increased not only because of the hot water that cascaded her body but because of how delicious she looked soaking wet in her white lacy underwear. He remained standing outside the clear glass shower enclosure still with his clothes on and watching his girlfriend like a love-struck teen.

Then he realized

e you so much, too."

Those were the words he wanted to hear. He kissed her lips and started thrusting again inside her. He did not pull out and when he felt his hardness, he just had to have her again. A few loud groans later, they were both panting and sweaty.

"Now, let's shower... for real this time. I could hear our phones ringing and I'm sure you know who the callers are." She said as he pulled out from her and turned on the shower.

"You're happy now?" He teased and she just laughed.

"Of course I am."

"Well, you were sulking earlier and I had to really think why."

"You won't find out why."

"Really? I think I nailed it. I love you, Frankie. Now, let's shower before the two brats come in and disturb our peace."

"I love you, too. Yeah, you really nailed it, twice I might say." She pinched his nose then lathered shampoo on his hair then soap on his body.

"Let's quickly make it thrice."

Their moans and laughter filled the shower as they once again proved how much they love and desired each other.

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