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   Chapter 14 13-Fear

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The meeting with the Australians went very well that it took only five hours instead of two days to wrap up the discussion and final signing of the contract. Frankie was amazed on how Liam pitched his proposal to the investors. She has always admired him for being intelligent but having watched him in action, with the way he talked with confidence, how all the four gentlemen who were in the meeting with them nodded their heads in almost everything that he said was simply awesome.

Liam carried an aura of command and royalty. Whenever he speak, you have no choice but to listen, not because of the tone of his voice or the distractingly perfect handsome face, but because of the substance of his speech. A perfect analogy of his gift is that he could explain something as complex as calculus like it was just a simple addition problem.

"You've been quiet. Is there anything wrong, princess?" They were on the limo on the way to the hotel when he spoke. He was busy with his laptop in sending some files to Cellia and his lawyer in the US after the meeting. She was sitting on the seat across from him to give him enough space so he could work.

"Nothing. I'm all good." She gave him a sweet smile. His eyes twinkled as he smiled back at her then resumed with his work. After another few minutes of silence, he closed his laptop and set it aside then pulled her hand so she could sit on his lap.

"Thank you for coming with me today. You're my lucky charm." Her hands wound on his nape, their nose almost touching. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her lips.

"I didn't even do anything. I just sat there and took notes which I'm sure you don't even need." Liam caressed her face with his right hand and her eyes closed with the contact. Her heart rate was on a rampage as she f

as he stroke her hair and looked at her with his creased forehead.

["We reserved a table at the hotel's restaurant. We'll wait for you here. We're just soaking in the tub right now. You should try this when you get here...It's really ummm...relaaa...ahhh..xing."] Frankie and Liam cringed when they realized what the two were doing.

"Bye, sis. See you later." Frankie said then Liam dropped the call. He gently lifted her and made her sat beside him.

"Are you worried about having a baby?" She could not hide the fear from her eyes. He sighed when he saw her reaction. "I'm serious about us, Francesca. I will take care of you and our child in case, you know." She nodded her head and leaned on his shoulder, letting him know that she was done with the topic.

She sighed and felt frustrated. What he said was not the response that she was expecting. She knew he is already hers. They were exclusively for each other but what was his reason? She is sure of her feelings for him but she has no assurance about his. Is he just being possessive of her because of the passionate sex that they were having? She knew he cares for her but it was not what she craves for.

She wanted him to love her.

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