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   Chapter 11 10-Volatile

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"Stop smiling like a love-sick teenager!" Luna smacked her arm as she was hugging her phone when she received a text message from Liam saying that he's almost at the restaurant. The waiter who took their order already left their table when they started their banter.

"Well, you did not hear me scolding you or slapping your arm when it was you who was always smiling thinking about my twin brother!" She rolled her eyes but smiled just the same. Nothing could dampen her good mood.

"Fine. Fine. Isn't it great that we will all be related so near in the future? I mean, I know that our parents especially our fathers were basically brothers but it would really be official. Now, it will not just be me and Alej but you and that dork brother of mine." She laughed with Luna.

"Let's not keep our hopes up with that, Luna. I don't want to have a broken heart." She sighed and looked at Liam's message. Almost there, my princess.

"Geez! Don't be too dramatic! Can't you see how my brother is like a dog following your every command? He looks at you like you're God's messiah or something. Like you're the hope of mankind or the cure to cancer."

"Don't be silly!" She laughed at her best friend's witty remarks. Her head searched for Liam. All she saw were elegantly dressed diners minding their own business and eating the delectable food on their tables. She had to smirk that they had the best seat in the house but they were only wearing jeans and shirts.

"I don't know why it took too long for the two of you to end up being together when during our family gatherings both of you keep stealing glances of each other. Alej and I cringe each time we see you two make it your goals in life to avoid each other while the truth is, your sexual chemistry could be felt all the way up to the north pole!" Luna even massaged her temples as she recalled the past.

"You really have a way with words. Maybe it's you and Alej's sexual chemistry that you're feeling." Her soon to be sister in law's eyes twinkled in excitement then took out her phone and stared at Alejandro's picture which is her wallpaper.

"OMG. It's almost forty eight hours! I miss my honey bunny!"

"Forty eight hours since what?"

"Since we, you know. We do it almost everyday now and anywhere. With all the stress in the wedding preparation, I feel so horny all the time. I'm just so glad he feels it too." Frankie almost gagged when she heard her response.

"TMI bestie. Too much information about your sex life makes me feel so freaking weird. Remember, you'll be marrying my twin brother. The one I shared fluids and umbilical cord with on our mother's womb?!"

"You were fraternal. Technically, you did not share fluids. You have your own sacs." Luna rolled her eyes at her and she just laughed.

"Smart ass. Stop teasing me."

"Fine. Stop with the deep sighs and hair twirling. You look crazy."

"Do you think he really likes me o

. I'm famished!"

Frankie felt hot that she had to unbutton her shirt. Liam stared at her cleavage as she did so.

"Are you guys going to eat? Let's hurry so we could all go home and then you could do whatever it is you two were dying to do."

"Great idea." It was Liam who answered. Being the caring gentleman, he served the Rabbit cacciatore and panzanella to Frankie. He knew those are her favorites. She smiled giddily at him and she did the same and gave him the Risotto ala marinara.

They ate in silence while Luna watched something on her cellphone.

"What's that?"

"Alej sent me a video. It's so funny." Liam shook his head while Frankie just smiled. Seeing her bestfriend and brother happy never fails to put a grin on her face.

After eating, they went straight back to Liam's penthouse. Luna, true to her words, kissed them both goodnight as she was too beat to even raise her arm.

"Good night, princess." He walked with her to her room which is just opposite his. Frankie could hear her heart as it drummed on her chest. He leaned down to capture her lips in a chaste kiss. It only lasted for five seconds. He walked backwards to his room, still staring at her with his eyes as dark as the ocean at night. She was leaning on her door and was feeling the door knob on her back. When she opened it, Liam's action both surprised and excited her. He rushed towards her as she jumped onto him, straddling him as he feasted on her mouth. She managed to kick the door shut as he walked them inside her room and straight to her bed. His kisses were raw and demanding while his fingers became busy at first unbuttoning then ripping her shirt apart. She heard him curse when he saw her lacy black bra. Frankie was drunk with need to feel him. She matched his desire with her own. Their make out session turned into something more volatile that nothing could vanquish. It was a big chunk of raw passion and for Frankie, a whole dash of love.

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