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   Chapter 10 9-The Danger

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9-The Danger

Liam arrived at the headquarters after thirty minutes. It was on an abandoned building hidden in the outskirts of New York City and used only when interrogation is needed. He owns that building under a false name. There were times that he had to resort to violence to protect his family and his companies. He never initiated a fight but he will not bow down to anyone especially if the safety of the ones he cared about is involved.

"Boris, do you have their leader?" He asked as he walked to the old elevator which the head of security manually opened for him. The rustic smell of metal wafted in the air and a few dust were caught on his shirt when he leaned on the railings.

"Yes, boss. He's already prepped for your arrival."

Liam nodded and waited their descent to the basement of the building where the captives were waiting. What Boris meant by prepped was being drenched and beaten up. The man may have resisted to cooperate based on the number of bruises on his face and the swelling of his eyes. The blood on his arms and legs that were cut by the ninja stars also appeared to be dried up.

He sat on the chair in front of the man. He looked up at him and when he recognized who he was, the fear on his face became more prominent. His swollen eyes bulged and he struggled in his seat. Liam could hear the sound of his hands as he tried to free himself from the rope that binds them at his back.

"Who sent you?"

The man did not answer and Liam looked at Boris who immediately handed him a knife.

"I'm a very busy man and I don't like that fact that you are wasting my time. Tell me what I need to know and I will set you and your men free."

"How would I know you are telling the truth?"

"I can see the fear in your eyes and I know you are aware of who I am and what I am capable of. I'm sure you never want to cross paths with me again."

"We were just paid to get her but we did not know she was with you."

"You took twenty men to kidnap my girl?" The sound of my g

d good, he called her via facetime. Frankie answered on the first ring.

["You hung up on me!"] She was frowning and he pouted to irritate her more.

"So I could video call you. This will be my thing now if you want." She blushed and Liam had to chuckle. "Why do you look so red?"

["It's hot here."]

"Where are we having lunch?"

["I want Italian."]

"Really? What about me? I'm not Italian." He teased her. Her blushed turned deeper and he had to laugh.

["Liam! I meant food!"]

"I know. Just checking."

["Ugh! I hate it when you're messing up with me."]

"Really? I thought you liked me...messing up with you." His voice sounded a little hoarse as he remembered their encounter on his car.

["Hey, big brother. We'll be at the Mangiare Fuori inside the mall. We'll order for you. I know what you want."] Liam rolled his eyes and was about to scold his sister when she gave the phone back to Frankie. ["She's hungry and so am I. We'll wait for you at the restaurant."] She smiled at him and he was caught off guard as rays of sunlight made her look more like an angel. ["Liam?"]

"Yes, Princess. I'll be there in five." He smiled then turned off the call.

"I'm in fucking deep shit." He sighed. He knew he's enamored with Frankie but he did not know that he would turn out as whipped as his father to his mother.

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