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   Chapter 9 8-The Deal

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8-The Deal

Two hours after the heated discussion with his sister and the blazing hot make out session with Francesca, Boris called to inform him that the men who tried to harm them are now waiting for his verdict.

He thanked the heavens that the two women weren't at the living room when he left the penthouse. Frankie informed him that they will be going out shopping and would be taking four guards with them. He simply agreed. He didn't want any more disagreement after an exhausting afternoon. He went to their headquarters, the one he uses for dealings such as this.

Liam, being a close family member of a mafia clan will always be at risk and he already accepted that fate when he realized he could not do anything about it. Aside from the fact that his godfather is the leader of one of the biggest organization in the world, dominating Italy and Japan, he also wanted to claim as his, the mafia princess who is at the moment, shopping with his sister. As he went down the private lift and into his waiting car, he remembered the discussion he had with Lance, Marco and Denaris on Frankie's sixteenth birthday.

"Son, would you care to explain this?" His father handed him a tablet linked to the cameras on the estate. He cursed in his mind. He thought they were hidden from view but one camera caught him kissing the birthday celebrant. Another angle made him groan, he was caressing her bare back and she was fisting his hair. He felt hot all over just watching their kiss. He looked around the estate's bar and lounge to check if the A/C is running. His godfather tapped his finger on the bar stool before he got up to sit on it.

"It's my birthday gift to be her first kiss." He tried to lighten up the conversation but the three men looked conspicuously at him.

"You know what this means, right?" It was Denaris who asked.

"Do I have to marry her? Because I will if you ask me." It was not a joke for him. He knew he feel something for Francesca but it would be like breaking into a needle if he wanted to pursue her. It would

ayed on his house and at his office desk. Liam immersed himself with his work and in building one empire after another. He swore off women.

When he learned that his sister was secretly dating Alejandro when they were 20, he decided to help them keep their secret. He discovered that they have been dating for almost a year when he caught them kissing on a car parked in their garage. He hired men to make sure that both families will be oblivious to the relationship. He saw the way Alej looked at Luna and how she would smile whenever they were together. He did not want his father and godfather to mess things up with them like what they did to him and Francesca. Liam wanted to help his sister and Alej build a strong relationship and then admit to their parents at the right time. But then, they have been hiding for five years too long and he just had to burst their bubble last year when he barged in a guest room where he knew they would be in.

All hell broke lose but Alej and Luna's love for each other won and they were engaged the following day.

Now, Frankie is finally back in Liam's life. He may be in deep shit for not admitting to his parents and Uncle that he still feel something for Frankie but he doesn't give a damn. He would have her whether they agreed or not. He just needs to be careful not to get burned by her the second time around.

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