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   Chapter 7 6-Showdown

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"Frankie!" He would have jumped any bullet that would try to graze her body but what he saw reminded him that maybe she really doesn't need any protection.

"Liam, go back here behind the trees. I'll cover for you." Francesca was leaning on a tree with a small case of miniature Shuriken blades on her left hand and a small hand gun on the other. She was firing at the men behind Liam as he was frozen on the spot staring at her. When he realized what was happening, he moved quickly.

"I should be covering for you." He ran towards her as she shot at the men that tried to approach him or shoot at them. She was fast. Her fires never missed to hit her mark. She targeted the enemies hand, leg or feet and made sure they would fall and drop their gun. How the hell did she get a gun?

"We both know I am better with guns than you are." She smirked and he almost laughed. They were always trying to outdo each other during firing range training and they were always tied.

"Save your bullets. Where did you get a gun?"

"Of course I have a gun like you. It's a shame my bag is in your car. I have bullets in there." He looked at her agape and she smiled. "What? Do you think I carry makeup on my bag? Of course not! I carry ammo. My father refrained me from bringing grenades. I wished I strapped one somewhere then we could be out of here in no time." He really has to get to know her more.

"I wonder where the hell are the security team." Two men stupidly ran towards them and they both shot the one nearest them at the exact same time. They make a great team.

"With all the shootings, I bet they'll be here in a few minutes. Let me have my fun and throw blades at them. But before that, could you cover for me. I have to remove my shoes." She was sexy as hell when she bent down and unstrapped her heels. If Liam didn't have to look out for enemies, he would have removed the shoes himself so he would have an excuse to touch her slender legs. He cursed inwardly. He's doing it again, getting distracted by her presence. He focused on firing at the shoulder, arm and leg of the men that approached them.

"I don't think they're here to kill us. They keep on firing at the wrong direction. It seems like they're really scared to approach."

"I figured that too. That's why we have to

nding him what he asked her to. It was by far, their hottest and most urgent consensual make out session. Liam did not hold back as he ravished her lips, making her moan as his hand travelled her legs, from her calves to her thighs. He felt the straps she used for her blades and gun that were dangerously close to her underwear. He cursed as he found her sexier knowing that she's loaded and prepared for battle anytime.

"Woah. Not too fast, cowboy." She moaned as his hand grazed her core. She held his hand and placed them on her back, then she switched positions and straddled him instead of being underneath.


"We are in the car remember?" He did it again, he got lost in her kisses.

"Then why the hell are we still here?" He tapped the window and the driver got in. They must have been making a lot of noise that he realized they needed privacy. Once the driver's door was shut, the car got moving. Frankie laid on top of his chest while still straddling him. He knew she could feel his bulge pressing on her and would have just dry humped her if it was his call, but he knew it was not the right time and place.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"We're going back to the penthouse and you can remind me again." He's a dead man when his father and godfather finds out what he's doing to Frankie but he doesn't care. Ten years was enough punishment for what he did on her sixteenth birthday. He would conquer all the odds even his parents and hers as long as he could make her stay with him, like this on his arms.

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