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   Chapter 5 4-New Investment

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4-New Investment

"You know I have a mountain of clothes in your penthouse." She argued as he dragged her to the luxury boutiques at 5th Avenue, New York City.

"If they are anything similar to the one you're wearing then you might as well donate them to charity." He tightened his hold on her hand as they entered the first store. The guards that were following them took their position outside to make sure that nobody would enter the store while they were inside. The store was spacious with high ceiling embellished by crystal chandeliers that added to the elegance of the place. The place was themed white and blue, the same as the granite tiles which are pleasing to the eyes. There are mannequins dressed in business suits, cocktail dresses, gowns and even lingerie. There are rows of high-heeled shoes of all kinds, from stiletto, boots, pumps, wedges and strappy heels all in different shades and colors. A mini juice and coffee bar was set up on the side as complimentary to the clients. Seeing from the way the sales ladies eyes brightened up when they saw them meant that they are their first clients for the day. She snaked her free arm around his waist when she faced him, making sure to press her body closer to make her point known.

"So you'd rather I donate them and make the poor stylish rather than let me wear them myself? If I remember correctly, you enjoyed the feel of me wearing this. You couldn't even get your eyes off this dress that you seem to detest so much."

"Yes, and so did the entire male population that saw you." As much as he would like to keep their position, he needed to focus on the task at hand. He gently pushed her then signaled for the sales lady to approach them when she halted on her tracks, not wanting to intrude on their discussion.

"How may I help you Sir, Ma'am?" Francesca just shrugged and left the two to sit on the plush beige couch that faced the boutique's white and royal blue mini runway stage. It is the type of store where they would let you choose a dress with a mini fashion show. Only the rich and famous dared to enter the high end establishment.

"Now, choose whichever you like. Our jet going to Australia will leave tomorrow at 8 am. Pack everything that you will pick to last for a week. I instructed the staff here to just show us the type of clothes that I prefer for you to wear." He said in a detached tone as he sat down beside her. He started typing through his smart phone and when Frankie glanced at what he was doing, she saw that he was answering his business emails. She rolled her eyes at him while he was not looking and crossed her arms on her chest as she waited for the models to parade the dresses in front of her.

When the show started, he did not even paid attention or looked up from what he was doing. As promised, all the clothes were stylish and chic but were too conservative for her type. There were a few she liked and these are the ones that will show her figure and some skin. The skirts were above the knee but without the slit she wanted on her skirts. When the tall, skinny models finished their private runway show, she only picked ten out of the 30 or more designs that were shown to them. She particularly loved the grey and black plaid sleeveless sheath dress, maroon tie-waist sheath dress, gold v-neck wrap dress, the stripped kimono sweater dress, olive belted midi shirt dress, blue button trim sheath sweater dress, black bow sleeved sweater dress, leopard print long sleeved blouse and black pencil skirt, navy pinstriped jumpsuit, and the seamed wrapped jumpsuit in red and black. She always admired how the three models slash sales personnel could change clothes so fast. Liam was too preoccupied with his work that he did not notice her leave his side.

She ordered all the items that she loved from their collection of branded and designer clothes. She was impressed on the styles that she bought all the colors available out of the designs that she has chosen. She saw how delighted they were when she ordered even the shoes that the models used during the show. She even added some items she saw at the racks that were colorful and elegant and were her styles. They were even made by her favorite designer. She

knew that they would do everything she wanted just to remain on her good side so Francesca instructed the sales assistants to bring her the items that she would want to be on the extra show she planned for Liam.

"Liam, look at this. Isn't this nice?" When she was already wearing the fist of her personally chosen collection, she sauntered on the runway and stopped in front of the busy man. Liam almost dropped his phone and his jaws dropped to the floor when she saw her on an eyelash lace plunge tie open back lingerie in maroon. It displayed half of her butt cheeks and the plunge in the neckline displayed her cleavage. The lace garment showcased her shapes in the most evident ways possible.

"Francesca, what are you doing?" His voice was hoarse and she was delighted that she affected him. It was payback time and she's on a roll.

"Giving you a view of what I would be wearing inside those dresses you picked out for me."


"Sit back and relax. We're just getting started." After she walked the runway, she sauntered back to the backstage making sure to give an extra sway on her hips. The feeling of seeing Liam's gaze transfixed on her was liberating. The next one she wore was a black lace silk lingerie that was the most conservative of all her finds. He remained seated while he stared at her like she was an apparition. When she stopped in front of him, she saw how his blue eyes that are usually as clear as the sea turned dark as if in a storm. The sexy red lace longline harness lingerie set was one of her favorites as it cupped her breasts perfectly and showed just the right amount of her abs and bikini line. Liam was a lost cause when he saw her wearing the blue matching two-piece lingerie with garters and stockings. High stiletto heels and sexy lingerie seemed to have so much effect on him as he looked at her from head to toe, focusing somewhere near her chest and on her long legs.

"Time for some swim suits. Are you ready, Liam?" He seemed daze and did not respond. When she paraded the white two piece strappy swim suit, he squirmed in his seat. Her smirk was evident as she heard his silent groan when she went out of the backstage wearing the black one piece suit that displayed all her curves. When she leaned over and smiled at him, he had enough. He stood up and walked towards her. He pulled her bikini-clad body towards him and it was her turn to curse when she felt something hard poking at her navel. He pressed his mouth on her ear and she shivered at his warm breath that tickled her ear.

"You proved your point, Francesca. I'm paying for all your purchases and then we'll leave to eat lunch."

"Are you sure you're paying for all of them?"

"Of course. I brought you here, didn't I?"

"If you're absolutely sure, then so be it." She smiled at him and nodded at the sales assistant. He seemed to hesitate when she gently pushed him to let her go and when he did, she walked slowly to the backstage. When she was halfway, she looked back and he was still gawking at her, his eyes zoning on her backside. She smirked and when he looked at her face, she raised her eyebrow and gave him a wave, wanting to remind him that he's supposed to pay for the clothes. She saw his mouth twitch in a smile as he walked to the payment counter where the staff there was stacking the boxes of her purchases. She asked to wear the newly purchased colorful branded majolica poplin sleeveless dress that are four inches above her knees, and the matching earrings, bangles and bag plus the strappy heels. After wearing the dress, she twisted her hair in a bun and checked her reflection in the mirror. When she was satisfied with what she saw, she sauntered back to meet Liam who was already looking at his phone. When he saw her coming, he smiled at her, looking pleased at her choice of outfit.

She reveled at the idea that Liam Montgomery, the man who has no time for trivial things, who is only focused in amassing billions, cancelled all his meetings for her and just lost hundreds of thousand of dollars in just an hour and a half of being with her. Everything was going as planned, he's starting to invest his time and money on her. Soon, she would get what she was really aiming for.

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