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   Chapter 52 How true are you

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"Alright, cheesy; I know." Sam said as the guys gave him a questioning look. "Now it's story time.."

"What kind of stories?" Tristan who was, as of now Mallory's boyfriend, asked. Sam had the bachelors party all planned, it was chilled, royal suite hotel, the guys, alcohol, poker and other surprises that he had in store for the night. No one knew what the girls were doing and they weren't plan on crushing their Bachelorette party.

Luka had even joined the guys.

"How I met her stories!!" Sam said in a gnarly dude voice. "I warned you that it was going to be a bit cheesy."

The guys groaned.

"That's not fair.. who am I suppose to talk about because I'm single?" Nick asked, Eric didn't care about him as much as he did before. He was only jealous and insecure because he had not yet secured his place in Leo's life but as of now. He was her fiancé and the father of the baby that she was carrying.

"We will just skip you." Sam replied. Nick shrugged as if agreeing as he took a swig of his beer.

"Alright, we will save the best for last and that's the man of the night." Everyone agreed. As they got comfortable in their seats.

"Tristan.." Sam called.

"Oh mine isn't romantic or anything.." He chuckled. "I met Mal at the gym, she needed a work out partner and we just hit it off from there but truthfully; I knew she had been wanting me for a while now. More reason, she might have joined the gym for me.. who knows-"

This made all the guys laugh before cheering and making banters amongst themselves.

"We're dating now and honestly, I'm glad she approached me first. I'm such a wimp for those type of things." Tristan added.

"Dude, approaching a girl is nerve wrecking. I'm with you on that one." Jeremy replied.

"Eric.." Sam said out of the blue. "Your turn!"

"Woah shit, do I even remember?" He asked making the guys laugh hysterically. They were either too drunk, too high from Sam's blunt or they were just having fun. Truthfully, he would always be embarrassed to tell people where he met Leo. In fact he wouldn't say it at all.

"We met at the airport. We were actually fighting, I was annoyed with her someone whom I didn't even know and I could tell she couldn't stand my presence as well. I remember thinking wow this here goes Mary Jane.. immediately rolling my eyes at how simple she was and lacked personality also she looked at me like I was some sort of a freak. I was offended."

"Hectic." Jeremy chuckled. "So how did you convince her to be your girl?" He asked with his thick Texas accent.

Eric shook his head, thinking about the first time he actually felt something for her and that was the night; he slept in her ro

told you not to-" Addie said clearly flabbergasted.

"Look the boys are probably having strippers, so why can't we plus; I have always wanted to do this." Laura said giving Mal a high five. Leona and Elishama just seemed amused watching the sisters bicker back and fourth. It wasn't long before Addie had given in and they were all enjoying the show. As for Leona she just missed Eric. It was now hard to be away from him when she was practically used to seeing him everyday. It was weird that this would be her sometime soon. In fact not anytime soon, Leona had told Eric she didn't want to rush the wedding just because she is pregnant. She planned on telling her family soon. She wanted their wedding to be perfect and there were so many things herself and Eric needed to sought out before getting married. Eric had explained to her how much he still cared about Debbie as a sister and someone he has known for a long time. She understand that. That's why they planned on going together to Manchester. Leona could not hide her excitement and nerve-wrecking feeling. She knew Debbie wouldn't like her, but she wanted to try for Eric. He adored Debbie and she had been on the most parts of his life, it wouldn't be fair for her to demand that he not have any sort of friendship with her.

Her only fear, was Eric realizing that maybe he didn't love Leona, he was just lovesick and lonely. She hoped their love would conquer all, even if its Debbie seducing him which was inevitable that maybe she would try to claim Eric back. One thing for sure, Leona had told herself that if it did happen.. she wouldn't force herself on the two childhood sweethearts. She would give him back his ring and go back to the USA with her baby.

This trip to Manchester would be very interesting.


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