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   Chapter 51 Selling sunsets for somebody else

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She could hear them-him breathing heavily over the phone; she knew that sound very well. She knew that only when Ricky was frustrated and in need.. he sounded like that. Her heart whimpered even more when he said something had came up and he had to go.. hanging up on her. At first it was okay that she only put the effort in this relationship only because Ricky couldn't exactly call her whenever he wanted to so that only left for her to call him instead. Whenever she called, she could genuinely here the relief and joy swarm from his delicate husky voice but now-

She could always tell that he seemed rather aggravated. He gave one word replies and sighs after every response... it was as if he couldn't wait for the call to be over. It was all because of that girl. She had been calling Eric for years and whenever she did, it was as if they had seen each other yesterday but ever since he started working for her..

Debbie hated this woman whom she had never met before. She just loathed the thought of her being close to Eric and having her way with him. Eric didn't fall inlove easily, Debbie was well aware of that. It took her so much time to get Eric to trust her and after a year or two, he finally did. She didn't understand how this Leona had managed to swarm her way into Eric's cold demeanor.

Jealousy is all she felt.

"McFadden are you done because we don't have all day." Belinda pushed her making her lose balance of the jail phone.

"What? Your boyfriend didn't answer today? Harsh sweetheart, men don't wait forever." Belinda's friend Frida retorted. She was never this overly emotional when they bullied her but this time it hurt because her Eric wasn't in her reach anymore and there was nothing she could do about it. She turned to look back to see the long line of women that were waiting to use the phone. They all looked frustrated and angry as if they were about to hit her up side down if she didn't move over and give the next person, a chance.

"Shut up Belinda before I rip your throat out and decorate it in my cell." Debbie said composing herself. She was angry at Eric but the anger gave her the confidence to be this upfront. The thought of Eric slipping his down another woman's throat riled her up.

"Woah woah calm down tiger." Belinda chuckled, the rest of the inmates were already pecking and turning their necks expecting a fight. It was the only exciting thing that happened from time to time in this place. Otherwise it was plain boring.

"She actually thinks she can take us." Frida hissed making everyone else laugh. It was easy math, Debbie was as skinny as a stick and quite tall she stood out. She was the pretty tall blonde, while everyone else hardly reached her height, with their bulging stomachs and flabby arms.. homemade tattoos; they looked scarier than her. Herself she knew she couldn't stand a chance, once she fought with Belinda, all her friends would join and she would end up in a hospital bed with two broken ribs like the last time. Well she much preferred that because it was peaceful and she got to watch a bit of telly and eat jelly. What kept her going was only a week and she would be in Eric's arms even though he seemed occupied as of now. She would forgive him, he is after all a man with needs and she would do anything for him.

As she walked away, thinking... a fight? it wasn't worth it. She wouldn't want Eric picking her up with a blue eye. She was aware that he probably cheated but he would always come back to her, no matter where and who he was with, he always came back to her because somehow somewhere, no one knew him like she did and-

She was his safe haven.


Eric was having fun driving on the high way with his favorite person throwing popcorn at him as she laughed at some sarcastic comment he had made. He actually thought he could catch popcorn with his mouth while driving. That was a dangerous game but Eric was never one for following road rules or any rules for that matter.

Music played in the background, there were quite moments when Leona laid her head on the window and simply watched as they passed each car, each tree, each traffic light. Times when he stole glances from her, times when he just wanted


"I get this anxious feeling but it goes away for a minute, when I'm with you breathing.."

"I know, I will fall inlove with and that's not what I wanna do.."

"I hope you won't ever lie to me and if you do I know I won't be crybaby.."

"Cry baby cry baby, I need to cry."

"Cry baby cry baby, you need to cry."

"And if you do, I know that will be alright."

They eventually played eight more songs. Even though, Leona hardly knew any lyric by head, she was having fun being in Eric's arms. He would let her go. He would abruptly kiss her and everyone would be in awe. It's as if he wanted everyone in the room to know that this beautiful redhead was his. His hands wrapped around her waist, she comfortable laid her head on his chest. Not even a minute into the sixth song, she was comfortably laying on his chest as they swayed softly. She was tired and sleepy. He could tell..

"We could leave early?" He had asked her but she reassured him that she was okay and they should stay and they did. Eric felt as if everything was perfect, he had everything in one piece. At a certain point he felt bad for forgetting that someone called Debbie existed and that she probably wasn't having as much fun as they were having.

At the end of the show, Eric got a chance to speak with backstage. Leona didn't really want to intrude their space. They were like long lost brothers catching up. Same height, same tattoos, same style. She heard Eric saying the word dad here and there. She figured he was probably talking about how their music helped them through a lot. She was tired and had a headache from all the screaming. Eric got to meet Zach and the other band members. She had never seen Eric talk so enthusiastically. Even though she was tired she managed to snap a few pictures of Eric talking to the band, they looked heartfelt as she slipped her phone back in her jeans that curved every meander.

As Leona turned to look around she didn't notice, Eric talking to his favorite band about her. Jesse only whispered "She's a keeper." Before wishing him well.

When the couple got to their hotel, yet another surprise. Leona had managed to book the closest five star near the event. Rose petals laid on the bed, clearly decorated for a special occasion. When Eric came out of the bathroom all refreshed, he came back to Leona with her eyes closed. She looked so at peace, except for what she had on. Clearly she had planned for him to rip the Victoria secret set apart that she had on for him.

He didn't think much into it before tucking her in bed.

"Thanks for today, I love you endlessly and I'm so glad you came into my life. You make me so happy, I never want to be without you." He said whispered watching her sleep. He turned to switch off the lamp with only a satisfied grin on his face.

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