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   Chapter 50 She was so intriguing

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7142

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"Where are we going, it's almost four pm.." I curiously asked her but she only gave me a small smile. We had literally spent the whole day in bed, showered then went downstairs for breakfast then came back up and just lazed around watch this very hilarious Netflix show called 'Chewing Gum' some sort of British comedy. I wasn't one for Netflix, never had time for it well not even television to be honest but Leona made me watch all these things. This girl literally nosebleed every time she was aroused-

I found that very unsettling but funny.

Luca had been out with Leona's parents apparently they wanted to take him sightseeing saying Leona and I were not bad at accommodating visitors because when we were together, we literally forgot everyone else around us. It was true, we were always so occupied with each other even if it wasn't sexual.

"Eric please just go put on some pants..!" She tried sounding serious but she ended up laughing because I couldn't keep a serious face either. "A shirt too." She added.

"I prefer boxers." I replied.

"I know that's why you have been walking around half naked.. the whole time."

"There isn't anyone in the house so? And why are you dressed up?" I asked her running my fingers through my thick locks, they were becoming longer and my blonde roots were starting to get in the mix, it looked rather stylish but I would eventually do something about it.

"I'm not dressed up, these are just jeans.." she rolled her eyes.

"I know but you don't wear jeans around the house or now.."

"Can you please just listen to me.. Eric gosh.. I hope our child doesn't inherit your stubbornness because I can't-" She said softly her hand on her temple clearly frustrated.

"Ouch.." I tittered knowing she was merely joking. I hadn't told her about what Debby said because I wanted to be super sure. This absolutely changed everything and it would only be right if I flew back home and broke up with Debby in person. Deal with my shit and then come back. I'm sure by a week, I would be done. She would take it very badly but she loves me and I suppose she wouldn't do anything to me but I

, peasant."

I faked being hurt.

"I will gladly serve your needs milady. I'm only here to please you."

"There's a Walmart right over.." She paused as she turned left. "There.." she smiled.

"What are we even doing here?" I whined only because I was too comfortable in my seat.

"To buy stuff."

"Like what? Please don't tell me we're going camping. I absolutely loathe it, i once got bit by a poisonous spider when I was ten and I had to spend a week in hospital. I thought i was going to die.." I complained but she just looked at me with an amused grin.

"But you didn't.. here you're."

"Leona..." I tried giving her an intimidating look but she only laughed at me.

"Since when did you become a baby.. aren't you the macho man with tattoos and all.." She teased.

"Right.." I rolled my eyes.

"Lighten up." She removed her seatbelt leaning over from her seat to give me another kiss. I instantly relaxed and I wanted more. Feeling rather feverish. We went into Walmart, I immediately reached for her hand because it only felt right in mine.

"Snacks?" She said and I just followed her lead. Whatever she was planning, I felt a bit on the edge about it but it was one thing off my bucket list because I had always wanted to go on a road trip and I had always wanted a party. It's weird how everything seemed to be coming into place and I feared that was just only so it could crumble in my face.

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