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   Chapter 49 She was so hungry

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 9436

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Leona stirred in her sleep, snuggling closer into my rigid chest. She brought warmth all around me. Her green orbs closed, her naturally long eyelashes steadily unmoving, her pouty pink lips. Noticing the hickeys on her neck that I had unapologetically laid there last night. I could never get enough of her, I didn't want to be sorely dependent on her because the day she realizes; I'm not worth it, I will be left heartbroken. I laid my arm around her waist pulling her closer if there was even any space left between us. I was awake not for any horrid reason but only because I was happy. My hand ran over her stomach still not unnoticeable. Our child was in there and the feeling brought unwavering tears under my eyes. Someone was actually going to call me 'dad' if there isn't anything crazier than that I don't know. If anyone had told me this a few years back, it would have ended in a bad fight, a few punches thrown out of impulsive.

I decided to wake up, gently pulling away from Leona. I picked up my boxers from the carpeted floor with all our clothes thrown there because whenever we need each other, we never think about anything. I put them on and grabbed my jeans feeling the back pockets for my pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I knew Leo hated it so I was trying not to smoke around her because I didn't want it to be harmful for our baby.

Coming around to lighting my second cigarette, my phone immediately started vibrating. Knowing exactly who it was, I pressed decline. I knew, I was probably treating her like shit and she didn't deserve it after all that she has done for me. On the second ring, I decided to answer, I knew she would make my mood sour.. either way.

"Ricky.." She said softly and I actually felt bad for her because I knew she had been crying. Her voice was low and triggering.

"Hi." I said coldly.

"I'm sorry... I choose you-"


"I choose you over my brother, I love you so much and you ignoring me gave me a lot of time to really think this through. I'm nothing without you and I can't imagine my life without you. I love you beyond anything.. Rickey-" she hiccuped at the end. She was really in tears.

"Forgive me?" She sobbed over the phone.

"For what?" I asked because we both knew she didn't do anything wrong and I was merely just bullying her out of spite. Hearing her desperate like this made me feel bad, she would literally do anything for me.. what will happen when I tell her that I'm leaving her for Leona.

"For not being supportive, for being a shit girlfriend, for the pain my brother constantly causes you. I'm sorry Ricky."

I exhaled, feeling overwhelmed.

"It's fine." I replied.

"I have good news and this will change everything."

My ears instantly pecked up.

"I'm listening.." I edged for her to tell me already.


rowing my head back with pleasure as I continued pulling out only to slam back into her folds only to be welcomed back by tightening of the walls. Making it hard for me to pull out. Both her hands held onto the sheets, feeling the savory feeling of being entwined with the one you love.

"Oh God, Eric.." she moaned when I reached for her breasts that were bouncing from the action behind.

"Shhh..." I said picking up the pace.

"Mhmm.." Leo moaned biting on the palm of her hand not being able to purely express the pleasure she was feeling. I knew she was close, I didn't want to realest before her even through I felt as if I could burst any second from euphoria. I felt her tighten around me making it harder to move within seconds, she let out a diving cry before her muscles instantly relaxed around me. Releasing all around me, I let go. Shooting my warms seeds inside her warmth. She gasped, still catching her breath. I pulled out and slumped on the bed beside her feeling exhausted but satisfied. She instantly came closer to lay on my chest, sweat visible between us. Our hearts beating so fast as if we were running a marathon. I looked at her with adoration, putting a strand of her red hair behind her ear, I kissed her softly, we were both breathing heavily but continued kissing.

I was tired but she wasn't-

I figured as she pulled away immediately straddling me, rubbing herself on my limp dick and taking control. It almost immediately became hard making her, my innocent Leona pin me against the bed for a mouth watering kiss as she slowly slid down my dick. I knew I was in for another intense session of never ending sex after all it was only six am. One thing for sure was with her by my side there was never a dull moment. From a distance I heard my phone ringing none stop but I didn't seem to care about anything except the woman in front of me.

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