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   Chapter 48 She was so lighthearted

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"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you Eric."

"Happy birthday to you."

I suppose if I tear up right now, it would only make sense. I'm so detached from my emotions but I never had this. I've never had this people actually give a damn about me. Like I actually matter, I actually have some sort of family. I looked down, feeling really overwhelmed, was I lucky? or Leona was the lucky one? No I was definitely getting more from being with Leona.. she was just getting stress and worry from just being with me. More like heartbreak in the process. Moments like these when I look at her from a distance when she is smiling and totally distracted from the fact that I'm watching her.. I realize how lucky I am. I don't deserve this. I do kind of deserve this but she is just too good for me. It was just after sunset and most of the people had left and now it was just Luka, Leona's parents, Laura and Sam.

"Make a wish.." Leona's mom broke me away from my thoughts.

"Am I not too old for that?" I cringed but they all laughed.

"No one is ever too old for that, Rod still makes a wish on his birthdays.. now make a wish." Leo's mom said giving me a warm smile and a pat on the back.

"Uh okay... do I say it aloud?" I asked oblivious to how these things work. I only ever saw them on the movies.

"Yes, you say it aloud!" Laura quickly replied.

"I thought-" Sam interrupted but Laura gave her a 'shut up' look.

"No, you don't say it aloud." Leona said softly. Her eyes blazing with some sort of adoration. She adored me? It seemed that way. I guess everyone's dream is to find someone who will love you with all your flaws and accept you for who you're.. with all the good and bad.

I heavily sighed blowing the candles that had the number '26'.

'I wish for more than anything to never lose Leona Winters, no matter what happens. I'd rather lose my life than lose her love for me. I can't be without her.'

"Do these wishes actually work?" I chuckled when I was done.

"They do if you have faith and the wish is reasonable. If you wished for a Ferrari, I'm afraid no car dealership will just hand you the keys for free, son." Leo's dad said a glimpse of humor, in his tone. Everyone laughed including myself.

"It was very reasonable." I said looking at Leona, she just stood on her tippy toes and laid a soft kiss on my cheek. I blushed, only because she was doing this in front of her parents. I don't know but I felt very awkward..

Laura was looking at me cautiously, I suppose she only knows about the baby but not about the engagement. I have to prove myself to her, she can't hate me forever right? When I was cutting the cake, I felt a flash from a camera. I wasn't expecting it.

"Leona go next to Eric." Luka demanded.

She did.

Leona and I never actually had a proper photograph of just the two of us. So I let my left hand hold her close to my chest and gave a smile. She loved my smile so I guess she could be the one to keep this

im when he was still in college, it was a bachelor of but he renovated it when Leo was born. Most of her baby and toddler photos were in that place and I know it means a lot.

Leona gave me an excited smile.

"Thanks mom... and dad." She hugged them before hugging me. I was genuinely out of words. When she hugged me, she whispered "Should I tell them, I feel like it's the right time." I nodded. Anything that made her happy made me happy too.

"I will be right back.." Leo excused herself. We continued to eat cake and just talk and chatter. Basically Luka was telling them my embarrassing stories from back in Spain. That was until Leo came back with her ring on. She raised her hand wiggling her fingers making Laura let out a squeal.

"WHAT OH MY GOODNESS LEONA!" Laura hugged her.

"Mom and dad we're engaged." Leo said showing them the ring.

"Damn isn't this the expensive ring that was on display. Jeremy didn't even want to buy it for Addie gosh she will be so jealous wasn't this 10k?" Laura blubbered clearly happy for her friend.

Luka already knew he just looked amused at these reactions.

Leona's mom started crying.

"Oh my baby, all grown up.." She hugged Leo.

"Congratulations, treat her like a gem. I trust you Alright?"

"Yessir." I replied. I suppose that was him giving me his blessing.

"It's so beautiful." Leo's mom cried.

"Oh mom don't-" Now this would be a crying party.

"I-I I'm just so happy, I have always wanted this for you and after Robbie broke your heart, I was convinced you had given up on love." She said softly, it broke my heart.

"It's all Eric.." Leona's was now tearing up.

I didn't know when would be a good time to tell them, I had impregnated their daughter. For now it wouldn't be..

"Congrats man." Sam interrupted my thoughts.

This was definitely a happy moment for everyone then the thought of Debby and Jail broke into my thoughts making me heave a sigh. My chest instantly becoming heavy, all the alcohol gone.. definitely now in my right mind.

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