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   Chapter 47 They were so caring

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"You didn't think I would forget your special day huh?" I unsoundly rolled my eyes because for my own good, Leona's good and our baby's good. I'd have to be nice to Debby and keep up a Facade.

"Of course you wouldn't.." I faked a laugh but I was nervous knowing she knew me more than I knew myself.. sometimes. She just understood me but that understanding was misinterpreted as love. I value her as a friend and an important person in my life but I'm only realizing now that love was never it.

"Rickey, are you alright?" She questioned.

"Just not feeling it, you know how I much I hate this day."

"It must be a lot worse not having someone special to spend it with huh? Don't worry I will be out in two. I can't believe I made it this far. For the both of us." I could only feel bad for her. I had someone special to spend it with and that was the woman who was waving at me from a distance waiting for her order of donuts. Her smile was contagious, seated in our booth, I couldn't help but let out a smile. She put a strand of her red her behind her ear, I knew she had kept it down for me. I felt lucky just looking at her. I even disregarded, my being on the phone with someone who I once thought was the love of my life. If it was love, I suppose it does come to a climax at some point. I was seeking protection and I was vulnerable not having family or anyone and Debby gave me that then I quickly wrote it off as 'love'.

"Your brother could ruin that so what's the use? Besides I'm not happy, I'm not completely free; Ryan is always bothering me with picking up packages and what not."

She sighed.

"I'm sorry."

"Even when you're free, he will always bother me. I'm not completely free and he clearly just doesn't have a life."

I was being totally honest, also simultaneously trying to manipulate her. I was not going to sit back and pretend, I was looking forward to prison. I was not going to sit here and lie to you about the fact that I wanted to miss my child's birth. I would do anything possible to never miss any time and moment in my child's life. Even if it means manipulating and being a compulsive liar. No one is a saint, especially not me.

"I wish I could do more.." She breathed out.

"You can?! You're his sister, his only family... he would do anything for you, babe." I edged.

"I can't Ricky.." She said in a defeated tone. I rolled my eyes again.

"He tried to kill me just last week. He sent someone out, you really want me to die? You know he thinks it's all my fault that he got caught and he will never get over it."

"He what?"

I knew that would ruffle her feathers.

"He sent someone out to kill me, luckily they couldn't recognize me because... of my brunette hair. I'm pretty sure he had told them I was blonde."

I forgot to say.. I used to be blonde.

And lied-

About being almost killed.

"Since when are you brunette?" She said mockery clear in her voice.

"Since you have been in prison for the last four years and haven't seen me since." I sounded rude but I had to put on an angry Facade to turn her against her own brother.

"You probably look like an clown."

I wasn't offended, I always told her I would dye m

ally came through and I hadn't even asked for it. I always wanted a party as a kid, always always always..

I felt right at home, surrounded by people whom I had known in only a few months but they had shown me so much compassion. I knew I was lucky and it was only because of one woman, my prickling rose. Who stood in the kitchen checking if everything was in order.. serving drinks and socializing here and there. My eyes found themselves on a huge cake that was displayed parlor. I held the drink I had been given not so long ago in hand. I was trying to listen to what Sam was saying but it just wasn't getting in.

He was talking about how I never told him, my birthday had been coming up.

Around the cake were photos... photos of a young boy with blonde hair, a tight smile.. and a woman beside him, a giraffe behind them.

The time we went to the zoo.

Only Luka would have given out these pictures. I hadn't laid my eyes on them ever since I left Spain..

Another picture was of the same blonde, boy in his trunks shivering cold a pool behind him.

"I didn't know you were a little blondie.." Laura approached out of the blue. It seems everyone was having a good time moving out and about. The winters had even brought out a catering company to come serve in the garden backyard and alcohol was being served at Rodney's bar that he hardly ever made use of. Music was playing, there was a lot of chatter and for the first time, I didn't want to leave a party early.

"It wasn't important." I replied taking a sip of my soda. Leo's mom had given me probably looking out for me like I'm eight. It was nice having people look out for me, I never had that.. I missed that with my mom.

"It is, now I'm convinced my little niece or nephew will inherit that from their that dad." She was being friendly.. I thought she hated me?!

"I doubt it, they should take their mothers? red hair."

"We learn a thing new about you every second, you're so closed off. What's next? You're an alien." Laura joked but hinting honesty.

"Maybe.." I shrugged, walking away to where Leona was because that's where I'd rather be.

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