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   Chapter 46 He was so thoughtful

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Updated: 2019-04-04 22:56

"Argh, your father forgot to buy the milk and eggs again.. Rodney." My mom faked disappointment. My dad was a horrible actor, he almost burst out laughing before he replied.

"Uh-uhm I got busy, sorry hun." My dad said taking a sip of his green tea that he drank religiously every morning and before going to bed. Eric wasn't even minding their conversation, he just wasn't present, mentally.

"I would go but I might get lost." Luca acted well.

"Right well, maybe Eric and I should just go." I said looking at Eric who was still on his phone. Doing God knows what. My man looked so cute in that black shirt and jeans. He just looked handsome and I couldn't help but adore him. Adore the fact that he was mine, my boyfriend or fiancé or whatever but I just loved him so much not even words could explain it and at this moment I was at my happiest. I could have been given the opportunity to ask for anything and this would be it, I wouldn't change it for anything.

"Huh-uhm What?" Eric asked as if he wasn't listening.

"We need to go buy milk and eggs." I told him.

"There isn't a need, I could just whip up something for breakfast." He said standing up to look at into the refrigerator. Everyone gave me an annoyed look saying do something. Eric was just so considerate, I loved that about him. He was very thoughtful without a doubt but sometimes he went too far..

"There really isn't a need for that, let's go.." I told him, immediately grabbing the car keys. He shook his head, following my lead. I suppose he wasn't in mood to argue with me. He acted as if it wasn't even his birthday. He just acted-


I handed Eric the keys, as he went to get the car out. My parents and Luka looked so weird jumping around and being sneaky.

"Don't bring him back until we have everything set.." My mom instructed.

"He will probably figure it out if we take too much time." I sighed.

"Just keep him busy, take him for breakfast and just say since it's his birthday.." My dad said shooing me out towards the lounge leading to the front door.

"Fine." I told them. I only hoped this would work. There was no denying Eric was super smart and always see's beyond his nature. He is super cautious and highly informed of anything that maybe happening around him. I hoped just this once he would let his guard down..


sed through more of the ting cute clothings. The diaper and formula milk section. This was really our reality and it would be coming to life soon. I felt like I had known Eric for as long as I can remember but it had only been two months and a few days or weeks. I didn't even want to think about my life before that. Ofcourse it was miserable and very lonely.

"Have you bought anything yet?" He brought me back to day light.

"Not really, I mean I was trying to hide this from you and not act really suspicious." I muttered.

"We should come back."

"You want to do baby shopping?" I questioned clearly surprised.


"Laura wanted to throw me a baby shower that way I don't even need to buy more of the things because they will all come as gifts."

"It actually really bothers me that all these people are going to be doing things for you and my kid... things that I should be doing but can't."

"It doesn't mean anything." I offered him a smile but he simply shrugged. I don't want to push more than I should. Clearly this was another sensitive topic so I left it at that. My mom immediately texted me informing that we could come back. I was glad I had pestered Eric to take me to Starbucks before coming to Walmart, obviously to pass time.

"I love you, Leona. I really do and I know haven't proved myself enough." He said laying a gentle kiss on my temple. Nothing was as satisfying as these words coming out of his mouth and the rage of emotions in his eyes that came with it.

Eric made my world a whole lot more colorful.

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