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   Chapter 45 He wold be a good father

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Updated: 2019-04-04 22:54

Authors Note: Personally, I'm not happy with the name of this book. It lacks originality. It's just sounds like this cliche content and if I came across a book like that, I wouldn't want to read it bec I can predict how it will go down and it's really not like that. If you have any good suggestions from the little bits of things you have read then pls let me know, I would really appreciate that. I was thinking of 'Her Flame' bec of the tattoo and so many other things but I'm open to suggestions.


"I thought a lot about this last night." Eric said making the bed with his hair wet from the shower. I stood near the balcony in my morning gown not far from where he was. His perfect lean body, I loved everything about it and so much more.


"Our baby.." he said in a foreign tone, foreign because it sounded like Eric was actually excited more than I was. It's something, I never expected or saw coming.


"I want to stall my prison sentencing until you give birth." He said now putting the continental pillows on the bed.

"You won't even let me make my own bed, is this how things are going to be?" I giggled at the thought.

"I'm here and I want to do these things for you there's nothing wrong with that."

"You're just spoiling me too much now." I said rolling my eyes.

"I hope you weren't planning on going back to work?" He asked walking over to where I was standing. Gently putting his arms around my waist from behind laying soft kisses here and there.

"I was.."

"No way!" He exclaimed.

"I wanted to get my mind off things and I thought you would be with Debby and I would be alone.." I frowned.

"Did you seriously think I was going to let you go just like that. Even if you cut all contact, I was going to look for you. Not for the baby but I just didn't plan on letting you go, one way or another. You not planning to tell me; is by far the most hurtful and selfish thing you

ly hoped this week would bring him joy and his sadness will go away. With his surprise party, the neighborhood concert, bachelors party and the wedding. I hoped it would take away his worries even just for a bit. Eric deserved so much more in this thing we call life.

"Oh and Leo?" He said softly.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I'm going to finish my degree, in prison. I mean with all that free time; I have to be productive."

"Really?" I asked surprised, shocked, fully taken aback.

"Yes. At first Luka told me to and I didn't want to but after you told me that you're pregnant... I couldn't help but think-"

"I want to be someone my kid, can be proud of you know.."

All I could do was hug him letting him hold me tight because he was changing for the better. He was in this with me and it meant absolutely everything to me and much more. He didn't have to have a degree to be a good father, absolutely not. I was just happy, he was putting thought into it. It's not something that is a necessity. He would be a great father either way because money or paying child maintenance doesn't make a good father. Time, taking time to be there to cherish their little achievements, watching them grow and mess up, laughter, life lessons and being present is what makes a good father.


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