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   Chapter 44 He was so good inbetween

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I looked at the fine looking man who slept beside me shirtless. Tracing a few of his tattoos on his chest. I could feel his heart steadily beating, steadily breathing. He had a tight grip on my waist. My naked skin against his, I had told him that I liked sleeping in my underwear because it was more comfortable. We came back home, Luka grinning from side to side.. he congratulated us. We passed by McDonald's, Eric gave into my cravings. I didn't think I would tell him but I did. I only realized I did when it was already done. He was acting so weirdly gently. He didn't want anyone passing by the sidewalk to hit me not even my shoulder. He wanted to ensure, I was comfortable in every given moment and here I was thinking he wouldn't want to be with me. When we came back home, I hid my ring. Intending to surprise everyone today. I felt so overjoyed just looking at it. Eric had done this for me? I had woken up early because my reality was finally better than my dreams. It looked super expensive, the ring.

We planned our life together, laughed about it until we both fell asleep. Planned how he would approach Debby without being too hurtful. I genuinely felt bad for her because they had made plans that.. Eric would pick her up on the day she gets released. I asked him about the ring, it was from a Tiffany's box and I was immensely curious. He told me that all the savings; he had been working for these past few years so that him and Debby would have somewhere to start. He used it all on the ring. He said it was worth it. I was completely touched but for Debby this would be a very sad scene. I sympathized with her but I was selfish enough to keep this man for myself.

I wasn't afraid of my parents finding out he was sleeping in here. I was old enough plus he went from fake boyfriend to Fiancé real quick. I figured from the day we went to fetch his things at Mariston hotel, that was the day it all started when he almost kissed me but didn't. After that we didn't have to pretend to be a couple because we acted like one already.

I felt him breath deeply before opening his eyes. He was such a sight to take in. He pulled me closer. A hand wrapped around my waist.

"Happy birthday, Eric." I whispered, his lips curved into a grin.

"Thank God, I already got what I wanted." He replied his voice husky from just having woke up. "Yes." He said finality.

"What was that?" I asked as his gaze softly aimed toward me. My fingers continued tracing the tattoos on his chest.

"Just you." Eric smiled kissing my neck, which made me have butterflies. It was already hard because I felt really needy of him. His morning glory could be felt against my thigh and I couldn't deny that I had thought about this for

ack into me. I couldn't hold the pit in my stomach, I reached my high making my legs spasm.

I whimpered-

When he didn't stop.

Immediately becoming around again.

He told me he loved me with every thrust.

I was so wet, I could hear the sounds we were both making intimately. It was easy slides for him, into me. I ached my back every time he thrust into me. We breathed heavily trying not to make too much of a ruckus. My arms held him tighter, his hands went beneath my butt so he could give me deeper thrusts. The feel of him inside me completely ruined me. The feel of him going rigid inside me, the feel of the way he twitched inside me from pleasure. Our lips found each other, I couldn't moan aloud so I put all my frustrations on the hold I had on him. My nails were certainly making his back a canvas and he didn't seem to mind. He seemed to get more pleasure from it. He filled me up so good that I was stretched to the farthest that I could go around him. Leaving no space at all. He found it hard to pull in and out but the liquids formed from pressure made it easier.

The pace quickened, I felt him growl. His chest heaved up and down. Momentarily he whispered that he loved me and he was so happy to have me and our baby. My vaginal walls tightened around him for the second time, milking him dry. I kissed him with need, feeling tiny stubble tickling my neck. He gave me three last predominately hard thrusts before he finally let go, i following right after for the second time. Worn out and sweaty, shooting his seeds inside me signifying his climax. I let ran my fingers through black jet hair. Even then he didn't pull out. We just laid intertwined in every possible way, trying to catch our breaths, content with our reality.

The highlight was-

Eric was finally twenty-six years old.

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