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   Chapter 42 He was so idk tbh

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"How was Eric as a child, Luka?" My mom asked. I finally raised my head from my phone under the table because this was interesting. We were having breakfast outside on the porch. In our backyard, our house was pretty huge, there were often rooms, we hardly even ever used. My mom decided to be spontaneous because Eric's brother was around. It's as if Eric didn't matter because he was already family but Luka mattered. The reason I was staring down at my phone was because of the stupid group chat Laura and Sam had created. To cheer me up and to just make me laugh, I stifled a laugh. Eric was staring beside me, he probably thought it was Nick and it would be best if he thought it was Nick honestly. I turned the light for my phone down down down so I could only read whatever that was on the screen and not anyone else. My parents both sat opposite Eric and I. Luka day on the left side, alone.

"Eric very quiet child." Luka said with a chuckle. "I hide my report because always Eric passed everything at school. Our papa would always compare our reports."

Eric gave a small smile, without putting an thought his hand reached for mine under the table. I immediately felt the nerves coming up. My skin shivered, his hand was rough against my soft hand, they fit perfectly.

"Eric was very clever." Luka added.

"I failed sixth grade though.." Eric decided to say but Luka wouldn't have it.

"Only because of Spanish. You learn Spanish in one year and now you speak nicely." Luka said proudly.

"Oh wow, Eric you can speak Spanish." My mom asked as she added a few extra dishes on the table before telling everyone to dig in.

"Yes, ma'am." Eric replied enthusiastically.

"Eric is Spanish." Luka decided to add.

"Wow, certainly didn't know that. With that strong British accent, you could never tell." My father decided to join after finishing a call. They continued on with the chatter, I joined in here and there. Eric was kept his hand still with mine occasionally giving me side glances. My mom and dad whispered something to each other. Probably talking about how cute we look together. The smell

they did.

Sam :? wow uhm Erica ??

Laura : No, niece of mine will be called Erica wtf Lee ?? uhm but if that's what you want alright.

Sam : Now I have to think of come backs to give little Erica for bullies at school.

Me : but I really love the name Erica, it's smart and I don't care what y'all have to say ??

Laura : Javier sounds like someone's uncle or some guy who works at a taco stand.

Sam :? ??????

Me : wow thanks.

Sam : I really like Landon, Angelo and Randy!

Laura : You just had to add Randy on the list ??

They were the best friends I could ever ask for and to be honest. I really liked the the name Angelo. I had a lot of time to decide anyways so I didn't feel the need to rush into anything. Landon was a cute name too. Randy was not happening. Eric Luka helped my mom clear the table and my dad just vanished off somewhere leaving just Eric and I.

"Luka was wondering if you could go out with him tonight, you know Los Angeles best.." Eric said softly.

"Yeah sure, what time?" I asked.

"Five pm." Eric grinned, I wasn't sure why but I didn't mind. If Eric had asked me out, I would have said no but this was Luka, still new to the place.. how could I say no it's not like I had much to do.

"Okay." I gave him a small smile as I stood up walking away. These were the conversations Eric and I had very short and straight to the point.

Just one more week.

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