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   Chapter 40 She was my everything

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Leona's parents were so welcoming of Luka. It helped that Luka was just always a happy person and very presentable unlike me; no tattoos and definitely no piercings. Luka grew up well off in Spain so I suppose he turned out well and he could relate. Not to mention he was a firm believer of Christ. Luka is an engineer, I figured that's why he was doing well for himself. If he ever said he was broke, it was only to ruffle my feathers and push me to accepting the will. Helen couldn't stop naming the resemblances between us. Leo's father had taken my advise and was off work. Helen seemed so happy as they relaxed near the pool sharing a bottle of wine midday. She was telling him all about her week and surprisingly, Rodney pulled me aside to tell me that he was planning a surprise. He was going to take her on a one week cruise ship in August. I let him know that it was a very good spontaneous idea and she would love it. I had spent a lot of time with both of them that I knew enough of what they fancied and what they distasted. This would be a great vacation for them. Away from everything just for a bit.

I was happy, I could have the house and Leona all to myself then I remembered by August I wouldn't be here. Nick would be the one having Leona all to himself, in some apartment in the heights of New York. Two nurses sharing romance-

I cringed at the thought.

"I messed up." I told Luka, we were sitting in a bar having a couple of drinks. Even though he insisted on having a glass of Coca Cola, I told him to stop being a wimp.

"With Leona?" He asked, see even people could see that there was some going on between Leona and I. People who had only known us for a day. We were both speaking in Spanish so I could clearly make out what he was saying.

"Obviously." I gulped down one of the shots, I had ordered.

"Did you see the way she treats me?" I ran my fingers through my dark locks. Luka only chuckled.

"It's not funny." I glared at him once more.

"She told me something about you going back to your life." Luka said in a seriously concerned voice.

"Yes, remember when you asked about my job?"

I knew Luka was going to enjoy laughing at this. I couldn't say it with my mouth so I took my phone went one the website and searched for my name. It quickly popped up and I turned to show Luka. Who quickly skimmed through the page.

"Boyfriend for hire." Luka

these things if you don't go pay for your sins."

"And Debby, I feel horrible." I ordered more shots. This was just getting to me. "She genuinely cares about me and me leaving her for Leona will scar her. I fear she will hurt Leona either way. She is capable of it and I won't be there to protect Leo."

"That family is a family of psychopaths." Luka said shaking his head and this time, he took the shots with me. It was some heavy stuff. I noticed Robbie approaching us and immediately clenched my jaw. I was sure he didn't know Spanish so fuck him and his always feeling mighty and superior.

"Michelson." Robbie greeted.

"Robert, what do you want? Don't you have a wife and kid at home to take care of in this hour?" I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Ooh why so bitter? I just came here to greet you and your company. Leona leaving you for Nick must suck huh?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh nothing, I just saw them walking on the beach. She has never looked so happy. She finally got someone who deserves her, someone educated, someone presentable, someone who actually has a life."

It took a lot for me not to send him flying off the table top of the bar. I hated that slithering smile on his face, I just hated it but I composed myself.

"Looks like we both lost a good girl." He shrugged before leaving. Could this day get any worse?

"Let's go, don't mind him." Luka said paying for the bill. He shouldn't have but I figured he wanted to. Leona wouldn't wait for me, I wasn't even sure if she loved me. While I'm in jail she would move on.. I just don't deserve her.

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