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   Chapter 39 She was such a crybaby

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Dark curly hair.

Smartly trimmed stubble.

Strong built.

There was no denying that we were related. Absolutely no way! We both resembled our fathers more than our mothers.

"Oh hi Luka!" Leona said but Luka immediately pulled her in for a hug, I felt jealous. I felt uncomfortable.

"Traffic was just so bad, hope you didn't wait long." She asked with concern, one thing I loved about Leona. She was such a giver, always caring about the next person instead of herself and her own needs.

"No no no, I wait ten minutes only now." Luka said excitement clearly vivid in his voice. I was watching their exchange from afar. I leaned against the car with my arms crossed. I didn't want to seem excited. I just wanted to look like 'whatever, I don't care.'

"You're so beautiful, I don't think my brother could get such beautiful girl." Luka teased and I held back a sneer. What was that supposed to mean?

"Thank you so much Luka."

"You're just so glowing almost like you carry-"

Leona immediately cut him off with a nervous laugh.

"Luka, you're very funny." She said, I never found him funny at all. Not when we were kids or not now. I didn't think that would change.

"Ricardo!" Luka said turning his attention towards me. He immediately pulled me into a hug without hesitance. I felt very uncomfortable but after Leona gave me a questioning look, I gave in. We were almost the same height, I was a bit taller. Probably got that from my mother because Marino was a very short man. His height was around 5'5. Just one inch taller than Leona but he had prominently good looks that we had inherited.

"You look so much like Pedro, you grow your hair yes?" Luka asked. My response to him right now at this moment would determine how my attitude would be through out his whole stay. My family from Spain all had curly hair, that's what he meant and as for Pedro. He was one of our cousins who would visit when we were kids. My hair wasn't that curly because of my mom's side but the curls were definitely present.

"Yeah man, how's Pedro?" I asked. Luka and Leona both looked relieved at my response, as if they thought I would act like a mad man at the airport. I helped put his luggage in the back. I got in the car and Luka got i

her plans on making you one too." Luka smiled back at Leona who just shook her head.

"No, she will not." I replied.

"She will be Mrs. Michelson." I added.

"Really Ricardo you still not change you mind?"

"I haven't." I replied curtly.

"No pressure." Luka said nodding towards Leona. Who seemed very sad still, I was pissing her off lately and I didn't know how but I was just naturally pissing her off. She hated me, like she said she couldn't stand me.

When we got home. I parked on the driveway because I presume I planned going out with Luka to catch up some time later. As I took Luka's luggage out and went towards the front door. I saw Luka curiously talking to Leona, she was crying again but Luka held her tight and wiped her tears. I felt overprotective of her. She hadn't allowed me to even touch her and here she was with Luka and did she hate me that much that she couldn't stop crying.

Luka put his hand on Leona's belly that's when I had my hands in a fist.

"Hey hey hey, back off! You can't touch my girlfriend like that." I yelled.

Luka raised his hands in a defeated stance.

"I-i sorry, I didn't mean to." Luka stuttered seemingly apologized as he gave Leo a smile. She only smiled back as if she was grateful for having him around. I didn't understand this whole concept. I just didn't get it. As I walked away, I heard Luka mutter "It's going to be alright, I'm here."

He was probably convincing her that he would teach me how to be a gentleman.


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