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   Chapter 38 She was so emotional

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I woke up early because I was super anxious. I checked my phone placed near the lamp, it was merely six in the morning. Luka had texted both Leona and I that his flight would land around nine am. I was excited just a little, well alright maybe not a little but it was something to look forward to. I didn't have anyone to talk to...

I had Leona's parents and Jeremy even Sam to talk to about anything but not about what was happening between Leona and I. My hope was that I could open up to my brother and he could help me, help me because I felt trapped. My happiness was just a door away and I had just-


My life is a tragic scene.

I showered and shaved, I immediately thought back to when Leo had said she loved my cute mustache and I shouldn't shave because stubble made me look sexy. Maybe I shouldn't have shaved just to please her but I was already done anyways. Yesterday, Sam came over with Jeremy so we could watch Manchester United playing against Liverpool. Leo's dad decided to join us, it was just epic. I was starting to think he was a workaholic so I told him that no offense but he should enjoy his fifties with his wife, go to Hawaii, go on dates, hang out with the boys (us). He totally agreed. I told him that him going to church with his wife wasn't and wouldn't be considered a date. That had him laughing, that's when he said he hopes I marry Leona that way he always has me around. I smiled and every thought of mine went back to that Rose gold engagement ring.

Even if the odds were in my favor, I just couldn't afford it. I also have a feeling Leo would say no, she practically hates me. She can't stand being close to me and worse we won't let me touch her. Not touch her but I have got accustomed to laying my hand on top of hers or just around her waist. She won't let me, she immediately changes to a uncomfortable stance so I stopped but every-time I'm close to her I can't help it.

It's absolute torture.

I dressed in my usual attire, black skinny jeans, a black T-shirt well let me just say the Neighborhood merch and of course my one of my many leather jackets... and my favorite boots that I had bought in Italy. I saw a magazine with that Harry Styles guy from One direction wearing the very same kind so when I saw them on sale in Italy. I didn't hesitate buying them. It was a good brand. I suppose Harry Styles and I shared a bit of fashion sense back in the day not his Gucci suits as of now. That's not something I would wear but he definitely make it work!

I didn't want to go downstairs so I decided to try my luck with Leona. She hates my guts but I don't care. I won't mind her just sitting next to me talking about Nick just as long as she even talks to me or let's me be close to her. I will be content. She seems to be fine with me leaving, I guess she is really putting all t

she never cried in front of me or hardly ever cried but now ever since that phone call with Debby, she just easily cries. She is just so emotional.

"You make me happy and wanting us to have some sort of boundary makes me unhappy."

"Just pretend nothing ever happened and we will be fine. You're doing your job so that you can go back to your girlfriend. That was the main priority and it's only fair if it stays the main priority." She breathed in avoid the tears from falling, I could tell this was very hard for her but why was she doing this? Leo was just so pure, always thinking of others before herself.

"So what are you plans after I leave? I don't think I ever asked that." I decided to change the subject because frankly it was making me a bit sad and teary too.

"Go back to New York, go back to work and that's just about it."

"I thought you said you wanted to stay with your family and friends this side. Why do you want to isolate yourself?" I curiously asked.

"I won't be entirely by myself, Nick stays in New York and well we plan on meeting up from time to time." She solemnly said looking away from me. I won't deny the fact that I was hurt.

"Oh.." I said under my breath. "I wish you well."

"Thanks." She was quick to reply. "I'm just going to shower then we can pick up Luka... are you excited? My parents think it's a good idea him coming here so you can find some closure." Leona smiled making me smile.

"I will never be able to thank you and your family for every single thing that you have done for me. I finally know how it feels to be part of a family." I said out of the blue.

"We only want what's best for you." She added.

"Thanks Leo." I said once again and she only nodded leaving me alone in her room. I decided to go downstairs because there was nothing here for me to do. Frankly I was not going to watch some depressing documentary.

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