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   Chapter 36 She was so angry

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"Thanks a lot man for coming through.." Jeremy uttered, I wasn't really concentrated on what we were suppose to do today. I just felt like Leona and I needed space from each other so he called I was quick to agree to anything he had to say even if it meant we were going to pick up dresses or decor colors. I knew Addie had already done that so whatever, as long as I was out of the house.

"No problem, mate." I replied.

"I have to fetch the rings, we had already had them custom made, we just have to fetch them.." He said as we walked towards a fancy looking shop with Tiffany in front of it. I didn't take anything else into detail figured this was the shop, it looked expensive. Getting married is expensive that's one conclusion, I had come to.

"I wanna get Addie a necklace, she has no idea so I'm really excited about that." He said scratching his visibly grown stubble.

"We certainly need to get you cleaned up before the wedding.." I said out of the blue.

"Need a hair cut." Jeremy said removing his cap and running his hand through his hair. "Shave.." He added chuckling. He was just such a carefree guy, if it was someone else they would have gotten mad at my sarcastic comment. Jeremy was always smiling and laughing, we had formed some sort of friendship with Sam as well. Friends isn't something, I was ever keen on. I like being alone and I hated having to explain to people who I am and what I like or where I come from. It was frustrating because I'm not an open person.

"I got you!" I gave him a pat on the shoulder. We were practically the same height although he was slight two inches taller being at 6'4.

"Hi, welcome to Tiffany's and co. Need any help. We have the new engagement collection and-" Jeremy politely cut her off as he explained.

"Oh no thanks, I'm just here to collect an order we made a few weeks back. I received a text that it was all done!"

"Oh ofcourse sir, can I have your initials?" The lady said to Jeremy. I kind of just walked away, looking around as they did their little chatter. A very beautiful ring caught my eye, it was rose gold. Remembering the tattoo I had with Leona when I told her she was such a rose feisty with thorns. I loved the color, it was certainly outstanding from the rest. The diamond sparkle in between screamed expensive, I didn't want to bother looking at the price to with my hands in my pockets I just continued admiring it through the glass.

"That's the Blushing bride engagement ring in rose gold with cushion-cut diamond and side stones.." Another worker dressed in black and white formal said out of the blue. I didn't even ask her-

"The name, Blushing Bride, refers to a Cape flower all the way from Cape Town South Africa as well as an old courting ritual. Men used to present the Serruria florida fynbos flower to their beloved, or wear it in their lapel when they went for a courting visit, to sig

care nothing to worry about."

"A scare?" I asked.

"I don't wanna say the wrong thing.. she will talk to you when she feels the time is right." Sam chuckled. "I'm no snitch!"

"Dude what are you saying?"

At this point, I was pulling the roots of my hair in anticipation.

"There you're you dickhead." Laura came out of the blue. I noticed Jeremy giving out his credit card so they were done and making payments.

"I thought we were friends!" I said but she continued glaring at me with glazing eyes.

"Eric Rickey whoever you're, just stay the far fuck away from my friend, three weeks left just three fucking weeks left and you won't ever have to see my face or her face or any of us. Stick to your job, don't fuck my friend and when you do just make sure you at-least wear a fucking condom. I wouldn't want any reason for you to stay! Just attend the wedding meet your brother and leave. That's all. It's not so hard to do." She sighed then looked away. "Look Eric, there really isn't a reason for you to stay here. I don't mind paying you to just leave right now ditch everything and atleast Lee would be hurt once and for all then it's done."

For the first time, I was hurt.

Unwanted was a familiar feeling but this hurt.

"I understand." I replied my voice a little raspy.

"Look.. I love her." I said in a low voice, Laura's blue eyes widened.

"Wow, you have the nerve to fucking lie to my face. Very shallow!" She spat. "Don't you dare lie to her because I know she will believe you."

"All done, they say I should pick it up in a week." Jeremy said abruptly, he seemed to be in a good mood. I didn't want to ruin that neither did Laura so we just smiled and talked about the pieces Laura had helped him choose. I didn't want to go home, Leo wasn't coming home. It didn't feel like home without her. A feeling of longing and guilt was all I felt.

My life was complicated but not this complicated.

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