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   Chapter 35 She was so hurt

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"You know Eva right?"

I nodded before realizing she couldn't see me, how stupid!

"Yes, of course. Dee." I replied trying really hard to be enthusiastic about this conversation but it just wasn't in me. I bailed myself by walking around the pool with one hand in my back pocket, kicking a few stones here and there. From afar, I could see Leona through the sliding door playing with the twins. It was a really cute scene, my heart warmed up to that. It felt like we were our own little family. It was like a trial on how we would somehow act as parents one day. I found it really weird that I was actually opening up to growing up. Growing up, finding my girl... and well-

Settling down.

Shit yeah, settling down.

I suppose when you meet someone who makes you feel a certain way, you just don't want to wait. You want everyone to know that they're with you and for a jealous freak like me; a fucking huge rock on her finger would be the official it, to chase these perverts away.

"One of the guards made her pregnant. She was always put in solitary confinement so I just wondered for what and why but bloody hell, she was busy being balls in deep with the guard.." Debby paused. "Are you even listening Rickey?"

I shook these thoughts off as I faked yet another enthusiastic mood.

"Woah Dee, that's some loony shit!"

"You're not listening are you?" Debby didn't buy it.

"I'm sorry Dee, just a tad bit distraction."

"Is it that bitch again, she is really taking her toll on you huh?"

I didn't like it.

Anger overwhelmed me as I looked back at the sliding door and the twins and Leo were waving at me. I smiled and waved back. They were baking muffins, I think.

"Rickey!" Debby called.

"No actually Leo is really nice." I defended.

"Oh my, she is now Leo not the so called spoiled brat."

I could tell I was creating a prob

confusion. I put my phone in my back pocket for a moment I just stared at the leafs that had fallen in the pool. One step, I could have stepped right into the cold freezing water, I was so disoriented. I didn't know what to do..

Walking back into the house.. Leo gave me the heartwarming smile that I loved.

"Everything alright?" She asked as she cleaned up the kitchen counter.

"Yes.." I said hesitantly.

"Debby?" She asked and I sighed.


"It's okay, you don't have to explain anything." I could see the hurt in her eyes even though she tried to hide it. I couldn't comfort her with lies at this point and time. I felt horrible for leading her on.

"Where are the twins?" I changed the subject.

"Uhm.. the dining w-watching s-some... r-random Netflix show.." she stuttered. I didn't miss the hurt in her voice. I decided to give her space when all I wanted was to hold her and comfort her but I couldn't because I would just be giving her the wrong idea and hurting her.

She turned to look at the sink, I noticed her quickly wiping a few tears away.

I was hurting her, in every imaginable way and didn't deserve her tears. I more than anyone knew that this jewel standing in-front of me deserved better.

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