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   Chapter 33 She was so afraid

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I could not exactly do that, i actually found the scene in front of me very cute. Leo's cousin was visiting... with her husband and two bundles of joy. My ears could not keep up, these four year olds were a lot of work. It actually really broke a thought in me that Leona would be a great mother. She was so calm, kind and gentle with the boys. Leona had her way with kids, she was took her time and had total patience for every little thing they did. Like writing on her wall with colored pens or the noise that they made or how they constantly scream whenever they were running down the stairs or the sibling rivalry they had over the smallest of things. She seemed like she actually enjoyed taking care of these two kids that were not even her responsibility and she could easily bail out but she didn't. I told her time and again that i honestly would rather be out doing anything but this. These boys were not exactly the greatest listeners or disciplined. Marissa and Frank could not wait to offload their load of chunk on us.

"Zachary seat down and eat your fuc-" I heaved out a huge sigh sigh when Leona gave me a warning look. Of course not to swear in front of the boys. "Zachary seat down and eat your mashed potatoes." i gave the little blonde boy the most sincere smile, i could muster.

"That's actually Charlie and this is Zach." Leona gave me a sympathetic smile, i simply shrugged. "Whatever their names are."

"Eric, don't be mean.. the boys actually like you. Zach, Charlie don't you like Uncle Rickey?" Leona asked making the two boys stare at me. I don't know.. i suppose, i did not feel comfortable under their gazes. They did not say a word as they just stared at me, staring into my soul. I guess they could tell that i was not a saint or something like that..and it actually kind of bothered me.

"Is it absolutely necessary for them to wear matching clothes like little.." I decided to keep it to myself.

"They're twins and i think matching clothes are really cute." She said giving who she had said was Zach a spoonful of mashed potatoes. One of Marissa's many requests.

"Well, i have no idea what time they will be back and it seems you have it all under control so i'm just going to.."

"You wanted to be a fucking teacher and now you're chickening out at the sight of just two kids.." Leona teased. I held back a smile.. sometimes whenever she was this thoughtful, oddly it brought a smile on my face. I suppose i loved the thought of her caring about me. I know she did but it felt good to actually witness it. It was in the way her green eyes fluttered whenever she saw me or was around me. It brought back a feeling of home. A distant feeling of the eyes i probably first laid my eyes upon when i was born. My mother's eyes were similarly just like Leona but just a tad bit brighter? shade. She had this beautiful unique dimple just above her right cheek. Rather unique because it only came to light whenever she smiled, instead of being on the normal place... right beside her lips that dimple was right below her eye. There were so many things i noticed but never said out loud.

The multiple beauty spots that were all over her body... my favorite would be the one on her neck, it was also her weak spot. The other could only be seen by the only man who had ever eaten her out. Whenever she opened her thighs wide enough for me to explore and fill her up with unforgettable memories.. i had no idea how she felt about the things we did together but i had accepted that i could never erase them; no matter how much i tried. I found pleasure in watching her reaching her point of climax and never in my life had i ever had that type of patience with anyone. I just wanted to stick it in and out. I did not find pleasure in anything else other than that to be honest but this woman looking at me right at this moment with so adoring eyes had shown me a whole new level of pleasure.

"Eric??" Leona called me. I Had to admit, i hated thinking about her and getting lost in thought when she was in front of me. It scared me because i knew how hard it would be being away from her. She had everything and i practically had nothing


"That's very unnecessary.." She stepped back only making me step forward until she hit the tiled wall. I had been yearning for this even for a second. Her forest green eyes showed conflict and lust.

"Why do we keep doing this, Leona?" I asked her.

"Doing what?" She nervously replied, i could tell that she knew exactly what i was talking about.

"Going back and forth."

"I'm just really tired, can we talk about this tomorrow.." She tried brushing it off but i wouldn't let her so i was done talking. I abruptly sealed her lips lips with mine. It was a soft kiss. She didn't respond as she tried to push me away but she immediately melted into my embrace.

"Leona.." I whispered against her lips. She was breathless as i had my arms wrapped around her.

"I know, i could potentially break your heart... thats why you keep putting this distance between us. It's just torture honestly.." i breathed out, I could tell that she was out of words with what i had just done. This kiss was different.. we both felt it.

"We could just avoid all that hurt by keeping... this distance." She reasoned, i knew she had a point and she was trying really hard to push me away but i wouldn't allow it. "It's just lust, i know." She said again and i heaved a sigh keeping her firm body against mine, i looked down right into her eyes hoping she would listen to me just this once.

"I'm well aware of what lust is Leona and this isn't it."

She turned her eyes to look away from me.

"What are you so afraid of?" I questioned.

"Nothing, Eric my water is becoming cold." She shivered under my gaze.

"I don't ever want to always wonder what this was and not know or regret not pursing it. I know what i feel when i am close to you even when you aren't with me. Can we give this a try? I'm not saying give me your full trust but i'm just saying can we figure out what this really is between us. I'm willing to give this idea a chance. This idea of yours that you may marry and have a couple of kids. I'm willingly to be open minded about it if it means you will give this a try. I don't want to leave this place, leave you without knowing.."

I had no idea what had made me feel this spontaneous telling myself i would be willing to throw away all my bad thoughts and actually have a fucking kid and put a ring on her finger and claim this woman as mine and only mine.

"Please Leona don't pretend you don't feel anything at all.." I was practically desperate and begging. She only responded by laying her soft lips against mine and right there, i knew that this was something we both wanted and i did not regret it. I never regretted anything we both did from the first time we met. My only regret was wasting time thinking this feeling would go away...

It didn't.

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