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   Chapter 32 She was so desperate

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7105

Updated: 2019-04-03 23:14

Figured from Chapter 31 to 61 it will be Eric's POV then the Epilogue will be in third person. I'd like to think I write better in third person so I can't wait for that. I'm really thinking of stretching Hey this story up to 70+ chapters. Thanks for reading x


I? was trying on my tux when my phone started ringing. Hooray, we definitely know who calls around this time because of the prison schedule. You could call me ungrateful because she is the reason why I didn't spend four years max in prison. It wasn't my fault and I won't take the blame for it. I didn't put a gun to her head, she did it because she loves me and that's what happens when you fall inlove kids. You become a fool, might as well dress up as a fucking clown while at it. She did it willingly and I suppose I do owe her. Sometimes I love and care about her and sometimes I'm just extremely annoyed, irritated with her. I haven't seen her in years, totally my fault. I don't like stuffy prisons, if I go there, I know I will feel worse. My conscience will get to me and I don't like having a conscience at all. I like to push that away considering I'm a compulsive liar. I don't like thinking about the consequences my actions may have on people. I only think about me and my back because I only have me.

Well... lately it's just weird having people care about me. I have never had people actually give two fucks about what I do or if I have eaten or where I'm at. Luka doesn't count, thanks very much. Debby is clingy, I don't like that but my worst fear is her telling her brother that I don't want to be with her or some shit and her brother will surely have my head.

He is already blackmailing and milking money out of me as it is. He claims he has evidence that I was with them. Fucking shocking right? Because of course it's fucking obviously I was with them during the heist. He was like if you break Debby's heart I will send someone to find you and skin you alive. I mean, he totally wasn't joking. I had to send him money because he demanded it. Sometimes I really think I can get away from that deranged family but then I remember I'm j

conversation about how the tuxedos looked perfect on us all and questions from the tailor if we were all comfortable. I saw three missed calls from the prison number, surprisingly I had memorized it. I knew when it was the men's prison (Ryan) and when it was the woman's prison (Debby). I decided to text Leona, I wondered what she was doing? Did she let her hair down like I told her? Was she having fun? I hoped she was but not too much fun. She could only have too much fun with me. I sounded possessive but-

I don't know, that's how I always felt with Leona. Of course she didn't text me back. So I had to settle watching the tailor measure Nick's measurements again. Leona really wanted to be with a chubby lad as a boyfriend. I could not relate. I couldn't hide the distasteful look on my face. Leona was desperate and I didn't understand why? She just wanted to be in a relationship so bad or maybe she wanted to get married because her journal did say twenty-five was her times up! I shook my head and decided to get back into the conversation the guys were having.

"The bachelors party better be better than the girls... I'm talking strippers." Sam said loudly. Who would even find strippers attractive when you have been with someone like Leo.

"Addie would kill me." Jeremy chuckled.

"Perfect, we're doing it." Sam added.

My only concern is why wasn't my supposed girlfriend texting me back?

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