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   Chapter 31 He was so conniving

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I received two messages.

I didn't know how to feel about the first one and the second one.. well it was just a reminder but the first one really had me panicking and in terror. I couldn't think of how they could have possibly came at the wrong time.

Hola, Leona

Thanks so much for promise to help me with Ricardo. You are very good person. I'm too much excited. I have good news. My visa for 90 days to USA just got approved. I plan to surprise Ricardo for birthday. He always hate all the birthdays but I want to make Ricardo happy. Can't wait to see both of you much. Please do not tell Ricardo, he might disappear before I come lol

- Luka Delgado

I gulped down a feeling of hysteria, reading it again.

"Are you feeling okay?" Eric asked gently closing the fridge, pouring himself a glass of milk.. he did that every morning. He preferred milk over any type of juice.

"W-w-what? What gave you that idea?" I let out a obnoxious laugh. He looked at me weirdly before sitting across me with his glass in hand.

"Stop acting weird, we're cool right?" He asked. We hadn't talked much after that outburst last night. I didn't know if I could trust anything he said but what hurt me was, he said he was physically attracted to me so that's made a lot of sense as to why he would willingly sleep with me but want nothing more than that.

"T-totally cool." I quickly said. He gave me another raised eyebrow.

"Look let me do my job and well we won't have to see each other again right? I'm sorry for crossing the line and insulting your options but I really think what we have could blossom into a good friendship."

More hurtful words!

"Uh yeah.." I mustered.

"I trusted you with my past. Thanks for giving me time, I know you were probably weirded out at first... but thanks for giving me time to open up... I don't do that much. It's actually kinda hard-"

I felt like he would take back all these words once his Spanish brother arrived on my parents door step. Was he even going to stay here? Oh goodness of course that's why he obviously texted me. I doubt he planned on booking a hotel if he plans on spending as much time as he can with Eric. Who I'm pretty sure hates his guts.

"Yeah yeah.." I exaggerated. "I'm glad you opened up to me as well. I will always be that one friend you can count on."

"Thanks, I really appreciate that Leo." He said genuinely, I just had to cover up this hurt. Also this guilt for snooping around it was about to catc

ange numbers.

"I suppose you're right."

I felt a tad bit jealous, I met Nick first.

"No need to rush into a relationship Leo, you still have me for a month plus you can always hire a replacement or better yet.." he smirked. "You can hire me for the rest of the year, fucking crazy right. Imagine the fun we would have.."

My jaw was on the floor!?!

Was he serious?

Was he being sarcastic?

"What about Debby and Australia?" I questioned.

"Debby isn't dying is she and Australia isn't going to sink or move away right?" He gave me a devilish grin. It was cunning, I think we both knew there was more to this than we would like to agree on. It gave me a weary feeling that maybe he actually did have feelings for me... but I had already left space for disappointment to prepare myself for future heartbreaks so it wouldn't hurt as much.

I stared at him in disbelief before saying.

"I'm not going to waste my time living a fake life, Eric. I need to move on and properly experience all the things we're faking. I hope you find that with Debby as well. This is a bullshit idea." I let out.

He seemed stunned.

"Just say you don't want me, no need to run around the bush looking for excuses!" He exclaimed.

Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Do you want me to want you?" I questioned.

"Stop putting words in my mouth, Leo. I'm going to go have a smoke outside.." he said pulling out his lighter. I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Go right ahead mate."

"Thanks a lot, blood." He replied clearly annoyed. This conversation had been the most confusing thing I had ever heard of. It didn't lead to anywhere..

He was confusing.

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