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   Chapter 30 He was so moody

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It was around six pm when we finished with the dress fitting. Personally I didn't like the bridesmaid dresses. It's as if Addie wanted us to look super horrid that way the whole spotlight would be on her. Don't get me wrong, it was after all her wedding but I didn't like my dress. I felt very uncomfortable because unlike Elishama, Laura and Mal... it shaped every meander of my body. As the years had went by, I always avoided wearing tight clothing or dresses because it grabbed attention that I didn't want. Laura thought, in fact they all thought I looked great but I didn't feel that way. I felt out of place. Maybe my insecurities were getting the best of me. I had to convince myself that it wasn't about me, it was about Addie and Jeremy. I shouldn't be a drama queen about a dress shaping my body...

By eight pm, we were at Addie's hangout. I never quite caught the name of the bar so far as I can remember; it always was Addie's hangout amongst friends and family. Not that our parents ever came here, they didn't. They just always said things like 'you better not go to Addie's hangout out' along those lines.

Nick was always on time.

That was a good thing, he got acquainted to the girls before Jeremy, Eric and Sam came along. Mallory had actually brought someone as well, Tristan Grant. We knew each other because this town was quite small. We just never talked to each other. He had brunette locks and grey eyes. He wasn't the most good looking guys but his body compensated for that. Mal had explained that they were gym buddies, just gym buddies. Tristan's parents the Grants owned a famous super market. It wasn't as big as Walmart obviously but it was big and popular around Eastwood Valley and yes, they went to our church.

Laura later pulled me aside saying..

"Nick is actually cool, very hilarious too."

"I knew you would like him." I added taking a sip of my margarita. I wasn't a fan of alcohol but I just knew once Sam and Eric were here they would be a bad influence. Sam and Eric were literally the worst combo, they got along with each other for all the wrong reasons.

"So Nick what do you do for a living?" Addie asked.

"Well, I'm a nurse. Based in New York only came to visit my family for a bit." He explained.

"Woah, Leona also resides in New York as well." Laura added. I got the feeling that she felt it was meant to be or she just felt sorry for me after I told her how Eric had rejected me and dumped my ass like a hit potato. I may have exaggerated but he did hurt me and I hated his stupid handsome face. Deep down I know I didn't hate him, I couldn't, I wasn't able to.

He told us where he worked and which Sid

ing not to mention smart and you have this quirky humor. I think anyone would fall for your personality without the looks... it's all just a bonus." He whispered in my ear sending tingles down my spine.

I had absolutely no idea how to respond to that. That's the most Eric had ever complimented me. He always did but this was different.

"Thanks, I guess." I said trying to pull away from him. We were just to close for comfort and we both knew it as I could feel his hard on pressed against my abdomen.

"No matter how many times, I try.. I can't-" He whispered.

"I'm just so attracted to you, it doesn't even make sense." He paused. "I'm sorry.." he said softly.

"It's okay, I get it." I replied.

"I don't want to hurt you but I just want you to know that I'm physically attracted to you and I can't help it. Any man in my position wouldn't be able to. I haven't slept with any other girl besides Debby then you came along and I lost it. I lost all control and sanity." He admitted, I was hurt. He was physically attracted to me... another Robbie Part two.

"I get it." Was the only thing I could muster. I was hurt and was afraid I would cry because these tears were literally right under my eyes. I closed my eyes, trying hard to keep these tears in when he unexpectedly laid his lips on mine. It was soft and slow. It felt like home. I wanted this forever but-

He wasn't mine to keep.

"We should probably go back inside.. I guess you're right. I'm going to leave soon and you need to be out there and actually get yourself a real boyfriend."

I didn't know if he was being sarcastic but I let it slide. I was too emotional and I would end up looking foolish in front of him. So I fixed my hiked up dress and left him standing there alone, in the dark.

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