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   Chapter 29 He was so touchy

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5237

Updated: 2019-04-03 23:06

Mission Avoid Eric at all costs until this one last month and a week is over.


He thinks I'm his bestfriend or something. He noticed that I was being distant and asked if I was feeling okay. I felt awkward hugging him or kissing him which I avoided but he always insisted that if we didn't it will blow off our lie. Eric was always touchy, it maybe the fact that we had been intimate before. I guess that changed a lot of things well for me. I knew he didn't do it on purpose. Distracted, I would always find his hand on my thigh or trying to entwine with my hand. I hated it. I was trying my level best to be away from him and he continued getting closer and closer.

"Hey Addie, I was thinking since the bridesmaid are more than groomsmen, maybe I could invite my friend to be Elishama's date." I said shunning away all these thoughts about Eric.

"Yeah, I'm actually going to bring my almost boyfriend." Mallory said making me and Laura give each other a 'she hasn't had a boyfriend since fifth grade'

"Leona, you know how awkward I am.." Elishama whined, I knew she was but Nick was a nice guy and they would get along just fine besides I just wanted Nick to be around since the whole campaign was over, it had ended a week back.

"Does he have a nice frame?" Addie quickly yelled from the fitting room.

"Yep, I know how you want the pictures to be perfect so yes." I smiled.

Laura gave me a questionable look.

"He is a stranger!" Laura said dramatically.

"He is my friend not a stranger, a very nice guy once you get to know him

se that's one thing I never do then I end up hurt.

"Sam doesn't look like he will be proposing anytime soon." Laura shrugged.

"That's because you already gave him the cake.." Addie said swiftly playing around with her dress.

"As if you haven't." Laura retorted.

"I haven't." Addie said shocking all of us.

"Liar!" Mallory said immediately.

"Just because I was rebellious in my teens doesn't mean anything. I kept it for myself, not for religious reasons. I wasn't ready yet and we agreed that on our wedding night."

"Ohhh.." I said flabbergasted.

"Atleast someone here is a virgin." Elishama smirked making Addie turn to look at me.

"Even you too Leona?" She said in dismay.

"Well Robbie had a reason for dating me so.." I shrugged, it was the honest truth. Same goes for Eric, I thought us being intimate was something special but it wasn't. I just got ahead of myself. He hadn't been with a woman in a long time, like he said, so him being attracted to me sexually was justifiable.

"Asshole." Addie muttered.

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