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   Chapter 28 He was so undecided

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6882

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My day was too good.

Weird because I had only known Nicholas for just a day or just hours but I felt like I had known him forever. I didn't want to jump into conclusions and compare him to Eric or Robbie because fact is he had not made any advances or asked me out. He was just genuinely a nice fun person, I admired heat of imagination and mental excitement. When I said I was avoiding Eric... I really meant it.

After I was done with my shift at five pm, I went to Laura and Sam's apartment. Sam was mad and grumpy because apparently I ruined another... session. I wasn't sorry about it, Sam was an ass and one way or another this was put back for all the times he snatched my bestfriend and made her not show any interest to hang out with me or call me because she was booed up. I mentally rolled my eyes at the thought, being friends with someone who is in relationship not just any relationship but a serious relationship is annoying. Sometimes I felt like hitting Sam with my shoes whenever he teased me. Apparently all the times I called Laura while I was in New York with all my garbage, that loser Sam was listening on it and sometimes he would make snide comments like-

'Ohhh you have it turf Leona.'

'Tragic, Leona.'

'But like seriously you need to get a life, have you heard of tinder or a dildo?'

'Stay in New York, Ed Sheeran doppelg?nger.'

'Goodbye Bella Thorn wanna be.. mom and dad need to sleep, we have a life remember?'

Nothing absolutely nothing, annoyed me like when Sam made fun of my hair or just me in general. He was just an annoying ass and the fact that my best friend was head over heels for this door knob, meant I had to tolerate him. In addition, I gained two best friends because I knew Sam was always joking and he cared about me even though he would never admit it. He was a brother, a very annoying brother.

After Sam practically shoved me out the door saying I needed to go home, I did. Laura and I had been entertaining ourselves with a series on Netflix called Sex Education... we ended up dozing of

rt voice.

I knew he always enjoyed arguing with me.

"Because it doesn't matter." I shrugged. "Can I go change now?"

He still didn't let me go, pulling me hard against his chest, there was absolutely no space left between us and my breath felt constricted because our lips were so close. My stomach flipped, the way he looked at me always made me nervous, the way he clenched his jaw after looking at me then biting his lip was a clear sign that all felt was nothing but lust for me.

"Why did you lie?" He asked, I could feel my face heating up. Lie about what exactly? Did he know that I had feelings for him? Sure he did. I was an open book at times.

"I don't, Okay!" I immediately defended my self pitying ass.

I don't have feelings for you.

"I knew you didn't because I'm negative. I would never lie to you or deceive you like that." He said finally pulling away from me. "It was just really petty of you to lie just to spite me, Leo."

That's when it dawned onto me that he was talking about the HIV status not what I was thinking about clearly. I felt my cheeks heat up, making me immediately turn towards my bathroom. I was thankful that I didn't expose myself.

"Good night, Leo." He said walking out of my room, why did I think he was going to follow me and grab me, push me against the wall and make love to me.

Clearly I'm delusional.

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