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   Chapter 27 He was so controlling

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The relief that washed over my body was undeniably as I looked at my HIV home test. It had one red line and that meant negative. I felt like jumping for joy and suddenly I felt the need to live my life to the fullest. It was a nice feeling. Having HIV wouldn't be the end of the world but not having it at all was just a good relief.

I continued doing more tests on people who had came along. It was a long day, my dad came to check up on me then went back. I called him Dr. Winters so I wouldn't look any different to the other volunteers. I didn't want special treatment and he understood that. I laughed at Nick's stupid jokes, they made me really happy and suddenly I forgot I was sad and feeling gloomy. He made my day. I hadn't spoke to Laura but planned on speaking to her soon enough because I could never keep anything from her. She was my bestfriend and I didn't like keeping stuff to myself. She always told me everything from Sam having to take viagra once in a while until he went to Mans clinic to get help. Apparently his smoking was affecting all his counterparts..

"Wanna get some lunch?" Nick asked and I hesitated for a bit but eventually agreed. There was never a dull, he made every single thing humorous. I'd like to believe in early days he was always the class clown. I somehow felt it was truly a blessing to be able to make people laugh, make them forget all their troubles and just be genuinely happy even if it's for two seconds.

There was a cafe right around the corner near the restaurant, it was the same place I had.. early lunch with Jeremy and Addie the other day. Nick and I walked side by side, he didn't make me uncomfortable in anyway and neither did he give out any advances. It seemed like he was genuinely being and friend an

questioned his voice suddenly a bit gruff, I figured he was just overprotective of me in a brotherly sense. He had said he cared about me earlier.

"A colleague besides it doesn't matter."

"It does!"

"It really doesn't Eric, I will see you at home." I said dismissively.

"It does because if you're out looking for an actual boyfriend then what's my duty here?"

"So I'm not allowed to make friends?" I answered his question with a question, all while being sarcastic.

"You're so naive Leona, I just don't want people to take advantage of that." He expressed.

"Bye Eric." I said trying to keep my distance. I didn't want to argue with him, that would just give him more reason to be close or come to my room.

"Did you uhm..." he paused. "Do the uhm.."

"Yes, i did and it was positive." I lied immediately hanging up knowing that would make him explode.

Nick then returned with our food. I laid back in a relaxed posture and had another laugh as he told me more jokes. I didn't know if it really happened because if it did then he deserved his own reality show on Netflix. If it didn't then that made him a compulsive liar.

Eric had been a liar once.

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