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   Chapter 26 He was so inlove

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I took the ride with my dad to the hospital, i was trying to avoid Eric. Remembering what he had said and the way things had turned out. I had to be content and accept that he was never mine to begin with and he would never be mine. He was Debby's it showed in the way he talked about her, the way his frown immediately turned into a smile. He simply adored her and she was one lucky girl. For a moment... I wished I was her.

But as long as he was happy.

"You and Eric seem to have ironed it all out?" My dad said, I had been in deep thought that I didn't realize he had already parked at the hospital.

"Yes, we did. Thanks dad, I think I understand him more now." I gave him a brief smile.

"You don't seem happy?" He questioned his eyebrows furrowed. Ofcourse I wasn't, Eric was inlove with someone else and he had made it clear now I couldn't exactly smile at that, now would I?

"I am happy, I just hate needles that's all." I muttered.

"You're a nurse darling, how can you hate needles." He chuckled, opening the drivers door. I opened mine as well. We walked slowly towards the entrance. As much as Eric had assured me that he wasn't... I still had my doubts. I was still stiff scared of the results.

"You're more scared of the results than the needle, I suppose.." he added.

I frowned.

"Dad please don't make me one of your patients." I said making him chuckle.

"Alright, I'm sorry. So we will be doing the open day at Block D on the other side, you can just go sign in at the reception then you can help other people get tested. Give them their results, we will be using the home tests meaning the results come out within about fifteen to twenty minutes."

I nodded.

"As soon as someone checks negative, congratulate them. Give them a pack of condoms and encourage them to be safe and test frequently."

"If they check positive, write their name on the list for counseling. With Dr. Heinemann, he will be the one dealing with the counseling. People never take it too well." He explained and I nodded.

When we reached the reception, he gave me a kiss on the cheek before turning away and saying this was his stop. Ofcourse he wouldn't be pa

n you will move back to England?" I asked.

"I think so, Debby and I were planning to settle in Australia hopefully." He said a big smile on his lips. "She hates the snow."

The only thing I could say without looking bitter was..

"Australia is beautiful, Laura's cousin Elishama actually stays there."

"Yeah it's beautiful." He muttered, it was becoming awkward and we both knew it.

"I'm sorry Leona, if I led you on-" I stopped him before he could continue.

"Not at all, I totally understand besides you make it sound like I'm inlove with you.." I laughed but it hurt.

"Right.." he replied.

"Well uhm I need to go get ready for this.." I pulled away from his arms. I needed to keep my distance already, otherwise I would just hurt more. It was honestly okay, as long as he was happy.

As long as he was happy.

"New nurse?" Someone snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yes.." I replied looking at the man who stood in front of me with auburn hair and dark green eyes. A shade darker than mine.

"I'm Nick, I'm a nurse just thought I should volunteer as well.. I know what you're thinking? A guy who is a nurse fuck outa here." He said making me laugh, I loved his humor. For a second, I thought about how he wasn't so bad looking either.

"I'm Leona." I didn't want to say my last name for obvious reasons. I didn't want to be known as the surgeons daughter.

"Cool." He said giving me a smile.

"Cool." I muttered back.

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