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   Chapter 25 He was so open

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It's really hard to want to hate someone but at the same time worry so much about them immensely. Eric never came home, I had waited and waited for him in the guest room, well supposedly his room. I called him multiple times, none stop until he eventually decided he would switch of his phone. Eric was selfish, it wasn't the first time I had to come to realize this. He was just illiberal, mean, narrow-minded, self-seeking. There was just so much I could say about him and the list would be endless. The thought of him aggravated me and the thought of me still caring about his well being thereafter, aggravated me even more.

I don't know what time I slept but I must have dozed off in the midst of waiting for Eric to come back. A tiny wave of fear, made itself known. I tried hard not to think about it but what if Eric had left and wasn't coming back. He didn't have much anyways, he could simply just up and leave if he wanted to. The only thing or clothing that I know he remotely cared more about was that black worn out leather jacket, he wore around. I knew he loved it, he never explained why but I just knew it was his favorite.

Deciding I should call him one more time before I went on to have a bath and face my parents downstairs for breakfast. I didn't even feel hungry.

The door to the guest room abruptly opened and in revealed Eric. I didn't miss the way he rolled his eyes when he saw me. I was a tad bit hurt but I was much more angry. His eyes were bloodshot red, I discovered whenever they were like that he had been drinking.

"It's 6am." I said breaking the silence, he rolled his eyes at me again.

"So what?" He retorted and I felt more provoked and out of humor.

"Eric who are you?" I said calmly staring at him. It really hit him, it really did... the flicker of realism in his eyes before flipping it off and pretending he didn't hear me.

"I'm Eric." He said sarcastically walking away from me but I immediately pulled him back using the hem of his leather jacket. He gave me a glare as he turned to look at me. A part of me didn't feel scared because I knew he wouldn't, he didn't have the heart to ever lay a hand on me; I was still intimidated.

"Eric, who are you really? I thought I knew you but I don't. Who the fuck are you? I'm tired of running in circles with you?" I almost yelled clearly resentful and out of temper.

"What do you want from me?"He yelled back. "I'm doing my part of the bargain so what's your bloody problem, woman?"

"You're doing your part of the bargain sure but why are you sleeping with me? Why are you treating me the way you do and making me feel special at one moment and making me feel like trash the next?"

We were just throwing questions at each other.

He clenched his jaw.

"Piss off, Leona!" He said cheerlessly. His British accent made it even more annoying. He had clearly insulted me. Suddenly I wasn't Leo anymore just Leona. Eric then sat down on the edge of the bed frustrated, I stood in front of him.

"You've clearly lost the plot." He said calmly. "You're as mad as a bag of ferrets."

"Excuse me?" I said a tad bit hurt.

"Could you be anymore of a plonker? I said piss off. Bloody hell the door is right there woman!"

"I'm not leaving and I'm not just going to stand here and let you insult me with your British whatever.." I yelled using my arms to sure how outraged I was. "You know what we call people like you in America, an asshole you're a fucking asshole Eric."

Eric only rolled his eyes and it seemed like he did that a lot when he was annoyed.

"I already knew that thanks." He added.

"Do you care about anything at all?" I asked in a low tone. Realizing nothing affected him.

"Yes, I care about getting this money and getting the far fuck away from you, fucking tosser."

Whatever that was it hurt.

"Eric, what's your deal with HIV?" I decided to just say it. Put it all out on the table.

He stiffened.

"Answer me." I said more softly now, standing right in front of him.

"I just don't want to do this bloody campaign, doesn't mean I have any deal with it." He said in an annoyed tone.

"When was the last time you got tested?" I asked and he let out a laugh if disbelief before standing up, towering over my height. He ran his hand through his black jet hair.

"Are you fucking serious right now, Leona?" He laughed, it was an uneasy laugh.

"Serious as can be." I pursed my lips in a thin line.

"You think I'm HIV positive?" He asked clearly offended.

"You tell me." I crossed my arms.


out of prison and part of this cartel that exported drugs. Debby's brother would tell us to go steal and all that. We did, for many years. I got arrested once and spent six months for shop lifting. We continued doing all this without getting arrested, we would do hijackings and robberies. As soon as I turned eighteen I was able to rent my own apartment and do well for myself. I thought I loved Debby, we moved in together and basically started out our life. My high school English teacher told me that I had the highest results on my A-level in our district and I was offered a place at the University of Manchester and a scholarship. I was beyond happy and took it so was Debby but Debby's brother wasn't because I didn't have time and I wasn't delivering my drug sales duties."

I listened carefully.

"So I started my first year perfectly, Bachelor of? arts in education but my second year I performed so badly my scholarship dropped me after three warnings."

I giggled.

"You wanted to be a teacher?" I asked and he smiled giving me butterflies in my stomach. "Yeah my teacher helped me so much after my mom's death, I just wanted to be that someone to some kids out there."

"Ironic since you don't like kids." I added. He just shrugged. "I adore other people's kids not mine. I suppose this way I get to be a superhero make this ugly world a bit more gleeful for them."

I nodded, he was very thoughtful.

"Anyways I went back to staying with Debby and her brother. He planned this heist that turned out to be shit. He was a bloody gannet, I tell ya. Dead from the neck up, not the smartest bean in the pot. We got arrested, all his previous crimes and murders were brought to light meaning he got a heavier sentence for over twenty-nine years and no parole. Luckily Debby took the fall for me and took all the blame. She told the police, I was never apart of it and I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She said I was very smart and I deserved a better life. I was thankful. They let me go. I had money saved up. I moved to London and started working as a driver delivering stuff. I got into a bad accident and they paid me off."

"So that part was true?" I questioned and he nodded.

"I decided I didn't want to be in Europe so I left. I only left after Marino passed away and he had requested me to visit him in hospital. In that process I changed my name to Michelson, my mom's last name. A part of me wonders what he had wanted to say but a part of me will always hate him for taking away my mother."

I had so many questions, did he love Debby? Ofcourse he did and I'm pretty sure he intended to be with her as soon as she gets out. Did he want to go back to finishing his degree? How did he actually feel about me? He could never love me more than Debby, she had done him a life favor? What was the $3500 for? Did he atleast like me?

I didn't want to pressurize him into answering these questions when he had just recently opened up. For now, I would let him breath. He really needed that.

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