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   Chapter 23 He was so cautious

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That's the time, Eric and I left the beach. I couldn't wait to hit my comfortable bed honestly. I was tired and worn out and my dress was wet. Eric had mischievously held me bridal Style only to have us both landing in the cold sea water. I told him, I was mad and wouldn't be forgiving him anytime soon but I'm about twenty minutes our lips were sealed together and our bodies entwined in every imaginable way. It was pure bliss, every moment with Eric was always blissful.

When we got home, I saw both of my parents cars already parked. They were clearly home, I was twenty-five anyways and this is my life.

Eric's I don't care attitude was rubbing on me.

We quietly walked up the stairs careful not to make any noise. Now fluttering my eyes, everything was still a blur and I could hear my mom knocking. I panicked, thinking Eric was here but looking around he wasn't and I was dressed in his white dress shirt, reaching my knees. I had a blanket covering me with warmth. He had clearly done that.

My heart warmed up at the thought.

"Leona?" My mom spoke again so I quickly went to open the door, it wasn't even locked. She got inside and gently closed the door. She stared at me with eyes wide opened and questioning. I looked at what she was looking at and it was these damn hickeys, Eric gave me at the beach.

"Morning mom." I said awkwardly putting my hands on my neck. She just stared at me before going to sit on my bed.

"Leona are you having sex?"

This had been the most embarrassing thing I had ever experienced. This was my mother for fucksake. She still saw me as the little infant she had given birth to many years ago. She couldn't fathom me growing up.

"Kind of." I decided not to lie. Going to beside her. Eric's shirt made it more obvious.

"But Leona?" She protested.

"Mom, I'm not a little girl anymore. This isn't the 70s or 80s. People have sex when they're in a relationship. I'm Twenty-five mom, Eric and I know what we're doing." I explained calmly

eaction from him.

"Stop. That's disturbing."

"What's disturbing?" I asked.

"The thought of having a fucking child. No thank you now drink up. It works within 48 hours so no Leona, you're not pregnant and I won't be making you pregnant." He said firmly. I felt hurt.

What was wrong with me? Since when did I want a child?

When I was done, I stood up and headed for my bathroom but I was pulled back into his arms. His cologne was strong, I absolutely loved it.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked nuzzling his head on my neck, it was ticklish.

"No." I replied trying not to laugh as he traced on my tattoo right below.

"You're mad at me." He added, I could feel the hint of playfulness in his voice.

"I'm not mad at you." I whined trying to pull away but he was much stronger and I didn't want him to let go. I only pulled away because I wanted him to pull me back.

Suddenly his phone rang as soon as as he looked at the caller ID, his demeanor changed. He tended and easily let me go.

"I will see you downstairs." He said softly before leaving my room. He didn't intend to answer it in front of me. I knew he wouldn't. I just wondered how long it would take to for him to fully trust me and tell me everything. That's all I wanted, to be able to help him wherever I could, if only he would allow me.

If only.

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