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   Chapter 22 He was so high

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When Laura was done doing my mom's make up, she left to go put her dress on. I took this time to tell everything that had happened with Eric. All the deeds, that I didn't feel proud about doing. She couldn't stop laughing because she said she couldn't imagine me sneaking around, when we were kids I sucked at it. Whenever we would steal cookies that were being baked by Mrs. Johnston for church events, I always made us get caught by either making noise or just being clumsy and banging my head on the counter. I told her I had mastered the skill as of now and she only hysterically laughed.

"It's sexy, I suppose?" She said putting the finishing touches, I had my eyes closed so I couldn't exactly see her reaction.

"What's sexy?" I mustered clearly confused.

"Eric being able to speak Spanish, next time he fucks you... scream yes, papi chulo fuck me hard." Laura mimicked and I had never felt so embarrassed.

"Papi chulo really? Pimp daddy?" I questioned.

"Yep, pimp daddy because he is very secretive." She paused. "All done." I opened my eyes and looked at myself on the mirror. Red had always been my color, it always did me justice. I felt very beautiful, it gave me a notch of confidence. I gave my lips a pout then winked at my reflection. Laura laughed as always.. she laughed at everything or maybe I was just funny.

"I won't be fucking him anytime soon anyways." I said standing up with my robe.

"Lies." Laura was quick to reply.

"Stop contradicting me." I huffed.

"It was the best sex of your life, Leona. You probably touch yourself more than before. It's okay, he can be an ass all he wants but enjoy that dick while it's still here."

My bestfriend has absolutely no filter.

"What the hell did Samuel do to my bestfriend?" I said shaking my head slowly.

"He keeps me satisfied twice a day that's all." She smirked and I cringed. I had once caught them having sex just this one time and the image suddenly came back to me. They were freaks, I swear. Fucking at the back of the church during the church service at only seventeen. So much for being a preachers kid, I thought to myself.

"Whatever." I said taking my dress and putting it in front of my body. I just couldn't wait to have it on. I just couldn't wait for Eric to see me in it. It was beautiful, it tightened onto every meander in my body, it was sleeveless and gave just the right amount of cleavage not to make my parents make me wear a cardigan on top of my dress. They had done that before, my dad had went as far as taking off his blazer and giving it to me. My body always grabbed a lot of attention, it attracted men that were way older and it made me look like a twenty-one year old when I was only sixteen. I just didn't like my body because of the attention it grabbed from perverts. I always looked at girls who were flat at the front and back and envied them. They could play multiple sports at school and run around without bra's. I was very active during my childhood, I played a lot of sports but as puberty hit. I had to quit most of them.. I didn't feel comfortable. One sport I never stopped playing was tennis. My father and I absolutely loved it. He was the one who had introduced it to me. Above all, having a body that resembled an hour glass, was not as great as everyone thought. Maybe my, being a shy girl was what made it horrible. I couldn't handle the attention I received because it was never genuine. I wore baggy clothes throughout. At a certain point, I think Robbie only found me appealing because of that. There was always talk about how I had the body but not the face, it absolutely killed my confidence. No wonder he couldn't wait to sleep with me and had always been sexual.

"I don't think, Eric will let you go in that dress." Laura let out after zipping my dress up at the back.

I blushed.

"I hope you wore his lingerie, it would totally blend in." She suggested, I let out a gasp.

"You think so?"

"I know so.." She winked.

And I did so. I wasn't expecting him to sleep with me since he had made it clear that it was a burden and a full time job. I tried to brush it off but it literally made me feel sad, unloved, unwanted.

My red hair flowed down in wavy curls. I loved it. I was only suppose to meet Eric at the gala and that made me really nervous. He had to go early with my dad because they were suppose to check on the event and all that. My dad certainly felt like he had found his long lost son. They did everything together.

Laura finished dressing up, she wore a beautiful white satin dress. It was appropriate, I was glad but now I felt very inappropriate in a black dress with lace from my mid thighs till it hits the floor. I liked this dress because it highlighted more of my face with the red lipstick and red hair. My breasts looked perkier than usual. I felt absolutely beautiful and I didn't feel like that most of the time. Well with Eric he always made sure I did.


Arriving at the gala, it was absolutely beautiful. The deco was well done, I let my eyes wonder around the room. Before I could even look around and greet and few people, a hand made itself comfortable right around my waist near my lower back. I just knew it wasn't Eric so I stayed still. I had no seen Eric yet and I just wanted him to be here.

"Leona, you look very sexy." Robbie hissed. I felt uncomfortable but I gave him a small smile, grabbing a flute of wine from one of the waiters passing by.

"Care to dance?" He asked and I felt suffocated, how did I ever love this man? How blind was I?

"Sure." I gave him a tight smile, I didn't want to cause a scene and I knew Robbie just loved causing scenes. He wore a black suit with no tie, his muscles almost bulging out of his blazer sleeves. I didn't find men who overdid the gym attractive. Sometimes there had to be a limit. I preferred a nice lean body, with tattoos-


Robbie walked me over to the dance floor where other well dressed elegant guests were dancing to classic music from the orchestra b

he bars and bend over for me, love." He hissed in my ear. I was scared of heights but this high gave me confidence and pushed my paranoia and all fears aside.

In a swift moment Eric had pulled my dress up and I could feel his bare tip making its way through. He slipped my thong aside and went in for the kill. I was already so wet, so wet he slid in with ease. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to his chest as he slowly pummeled into me. I moaned with bliss and pleasure. He caressed my neck while moving in and out of me. Just when I thought he was fully pulling out, he would surprise me and slam back into me. I whimpered as not to make noise. I title gripped the balcony's golden bars my knuckles would surely turn red from the pressure.

Eric moaned my name. I never wanted to let him go. Turning me around, he scooped me in his arms now we were both facing each other. I looked at his hazel brown eyes they glistening. He walked towards the wall and slipped my thong aside as he continued thrusting inside my core. I wrapped my legs around his waste as he did so. I moaned-

"Let's try and be quiet baby." He breathed in my ear. It was impossible, I couldn't do it. The pleasure was too much for me. I had been yearning for this ever since the last time we had been together. We kissed softly and moaned each other's mouth. He hit my core harder and deeper until my vaginal walls tightened around him, milking him. I felt him groan, his breath ravaged. He twitched inside him before releasing inside me. For the first time we reached our high together. He didn't move, he stayed still. Kissing my neck, my jaw until he reached my lips. He gave me a perk on the lips with a sigh. Both our energy had been drained. He slowly put me down, my legs felt weak. If I wasn't holding onto him, I would have a hard fall.

"Leona?" He called and I looked up at him, his hair was messy and his dress shirt wrinkled because of me.

"Mhm.." I said tired out.

"Help me pull my pants up." He said making me roll my eyes.

"I'm not doing that." I said fixing my dress pulling it down and making myself look presentable.

"It's your fault I'm this tired." He smirked but eventually pulled his pants up and buckled his belt. I watched as he did so, by now I could feel his semen going down my thighs. I wasn't worried, a part of me was selfish enough to say I wanted Eric's child.

What was wrong with me?

"Let's go get you cleaned up." He pulled my hand in his as we headed for the bathroom. He made me seat on the toilet seat as he gently wiped me dry. It wasn't awkward because I had shaved and this was Eric, he never minded anything. I didn't know why but I consciously felt like I could be myself around him and nothing bothered me. While I was fixing my hair, looking at myself on the mirror I felt him snap a picture of me.

"Come here." He pulled me in his arms aiming for a selfie. I didn't mind so I smiled making me look so innocent. We took multiple pictures before he said his storage was full. I just laughed it off as we walked out of the hotel hand in hand. We both cringed when we heard Laura squeal, she was obviously getting some.

"Are we still going to the beach." I asked Eric.

"Do you still wanna go?" He smirked. "I have never had sex on the beach." He added.

"Neither have I." I said pulling him close so I could wipe away my red lip stick that had went on his lips and cheeks. It was cute, infact? i thought everything to do with Eric was cute.

We left the hotel without having anyone disturb us. The beach was super close to the hotel. We just walked hand in hand. There was a cold breeze but I was wearing Eric's blazer. We bought tacos and sat on the beach. It was really dark and beautiful. The stars were present so was the moon. I laid in his arms and we talked about a lot of things. It was clear that I fell harder and harder for him by the second and I didn't know when I would say, that's the limit. There was no limit to loving Eric. It was infinity.

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