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   Chapter 21 He was so Hispanic

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Something odd happened earlier. I couldn't stop thinking about it, Laura was currently doing me and mom's makeup. She had always been good at these kind of stuff. It had only been a few hours since it happened but I couldn't get my mind off it. I also did something I thought I would ever do. I invaded Eric's privacy not just by eavesdropping but I couldn't help but open his phone..

Eric can speak Spanish.

When I said he was a man of many talents, I didn't expect this. It had been an hour since he left to go run my dad's errands with the tuxedos for tonight. I wanted to ask him something that I had completely forgotten about, I just sped up to the guest room without knocking well it's not like he ever knocks when he comes around in my room.

At first I thought it was just the television playing, me being delusional and oblivious to the fact that of-course Eric can speak his father's mother tongue. Well I just didn't expect it. It all sounded like gibberish and he looked beyond aggravated, he was pacing back and forth around the room shirtless. I suppose he intended to take a shower before heading out to fetch the tuxedos.

"Por que me estas llamando, Luka?" Eric hissed, the door was slightly open and I stayed still in my position. He wasn't focused on it. My heart was beating fast, I could feel myself shaking in fear of messing up. If Eric found out I was snooping around his business, he wouldn't open up to me and we had made so much progress. I took Spanish classes in high school but it would never be enough to fully understand this heated conversation. He was just speaking way too fast and the way he spoke to fast confirmed that this wasn't a second language where you stutter for bit while thinking for the next word in the particular language. Eric had a pure british accent, it surprised me how he could just switch up and now he sounded like a real hispanic. Was he a con artist? How he could easily switch accents shocked me.

"tu padre no es mio.."? He continued, he was literally pulling the roots of his hair, his frustration was clear.

"Lo siento por tu madre, pero mantente fuera de mis asuntos y nunca me vuelvas a llamar." He paused. "Bye Luka."

He spoke so fast I couldn't fathom what he was saying but I did catch a name and figured he was speaking to his brother. I stayed still in my position and panicked when he turned

." was the only thing I could mutter.

"Sí, Ricardo stay at orphanage and refuse to stay in Spain. My papa become so sad. I tell Ricardo he come home and meet my daughter, he shout and be angry. I call Ricardo for my wedding, he become angry. My papa before he passed on, he made me promise that I protect Ricardo, my brother and keep him close to family but Ricardo hate me a lot. I try.."

This was really sad.

"Don't worry, Luka. Eric is just figuring himself out and he will change. I will help you don't worry, he will come to Spain to visit you and all will be well, I promise." I had no idea what I was promising knowing Eric was a hardheaded. I would certainly try my best.

"Gracias Leona, I'm happy Ricardo has you not that bad girl Debby. I'm not like his girlfriend from past very much."

This was new info.

"Debby, oh he never speaks about her." I said softly.

"Sí, Debby go to Jail for one year now. I am scared, Ricardo has to do with this. They always together and be bad influence since Rickey was in high school they stay together at orphanage."

Oh my word, Debby must have been the girl who called his phone and he got super mad. I suddenly heard someone knocking on my door. I panicked.

"Leona, come on now. Sorry I'm late Sam was you know being a bother argh since when do you lock the door is Ricky there?"

I quickly said my goodbyes to Luka and promised I would update him on how Eric was. He thanked me and I wished him a great day ahead.

That was super close.

My heart was beating fast.

I had to find out more, I just had to.

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