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   Chapter 20 He was so Cynical

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My dad was hosting his charity event, in organization with the Eastwood central Hospital as he always did each year. I had already gotten a dress, I was already ready. This was the event I had especially came for. I looked forward to it, I always did because for a full night I would feel like a Princess and at Twenty-five I still loved playing dress up with my mom and Laura. It was always fun, getting our nails done, face-beat and all the fun stuff but this would be more fun because Eric was around. It excited me, he excited me.

We had been spending a lot of time together. He went to buy tampons with me at six am, he went with me practically everywhere. He absolutely acted like we were attached from hip to hip. He was right about trying to be nicer to me, he had been trying to filter his horrible case of verbal diarrhea but he had no idea that it was in those moments that I somehow fell in-love with him. I would admit that I was in-love with him to myself and Laura because being in denial was absolute torture and I couldn't do it. I would never ever admit it to him though, first because he was here temporarily; I would get over it. Secondly because he could never return any if those feelings, it was obvious... this was just a job to him and he wanted-

No needed the money.

He was obviously getting other benefits out of it. He made me feel nervous at times, sometimes I would catch him staring and he wouldn't look away. It scared me, how bold he was. It was within the moments where he would laugh showing off his pearly whites.

"Eric?" I called making him turn to look at me.

"Yes, milady." I didn't know if he was mocking me or what? But he was starting to do this often.

"Did you ever wear braces as a kid?" I asked. We were currently seated in my room, he had my MacBook playing me what he said were his favorite songs. The likes of the neighborhood, I found a lot of similarities between him and the lead singer Jesse Rutherford. The height, the tattoos, the jet black hair even though he had a different hairstyle as of now. The neighborhood, daddy issues was currently playing.

It was soothing.

I couldn't relate to the lyrics of having an absent father but I understood why he loved and found comfort in listening to it.

"Nope, I would never be caught dead wearing braces besides it's not like I could afford them."

t of yours." He said in what for the first time seemed like a genuine comment not mocking or sarcastic.

My heart whimpered, I wanted him to be that man.

"Thanks." I didn't know what to say.

"Yeah well, Leo. I have got to go get ready for this gala. Your dad said around four I need to go pick up our tuxedos."

"Look at you guys bonding.." I chuckled.

"Yeah, He is the father I never had honestly." Eric let out a genuine smile. As he stood up letting me go. I felt cold. I was happy, that he fit right into my family and that for a moment he was happy.

"Sweet." I said mesmerized.

He then bent down to give me a kiss on my temple, it was soft and sweet.

"Yeah well stop being a distraction, I need to go." He smirked going out the door and not waiting for my reply. I just bit my bottom lip because I couldn't stop smiling.

He was finally slowly letting me in.

Shaking my thoughts away. I had grabbed my MacBook and went to search for 'The Neighborhood shows.' Luckily they were currently on tour for their previously released album and they were pretty much playing at a whole lot of places near Eastwood Valley. The advantage of staying in Los Angeles, almost every artist played here. It was always part of any tour list.

Booking two VIP tickets for the fifth of July. It was close enough since his birthday was the Fourth of July and guess what? He deserved to be happy, I didn't care if I wasn't but I just wanted him to be happy and always giving me that quirky smile I adored.

Eric Michelson was the love, I could only love from afar.

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