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   Chapter 19 He was so considerate

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I was practically raised in one.

I never wanted to go back home whenever my mom and I would visit my dad. I was always so amazed, amazed by what you may ask? everything is just so bland, dull and deadening. I saw it differently, I saw my father as Superman, as the best dad in the world because he got to save lives. I spent most of my days in boarding school but whenever summer came around, everyday was follow my dad to work day. No wonder I settled for being a nurse, i got the passion for this career path from my father. He just loved what he did for a living, he never complained. Many people would come from far and wide just to be operated by the greatest surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Winters.

Remembering when my father got featured on one of the episodes for a show called Doctors. I watched it attentively even though at the time everything he was saying was practically gibberish. Whenever my dad and I cooked chicken we would always perform what we called the Dr. Rod and Nurse Leona operation. It was always fun even though it was ridiculous. My thoughts wondered back to Eric Ricardo Michelson, i was tempted to try out Eric Ricardo Delgado. It was obvious that there had to have been a huge misunderstanding for him to use his mother's last name maybe his father refused to sign his birth certificate.

Last night, I slept like a baby. I had a dream Eric was telling me a certain story. I don't well actually remember if it happened or if it was a dream. I didn't want to look like a fool by saying 'hey Eric did you by chance tell me a story yesterday.'

He would use this to add some sarcastic comment so I decided against it.

"This place is huge, argh hospitals make me sick." Eric frowned as we got to the reception.

"Why?" I asked a quirky smile on my lips. I had decided to surprise my dad with a visit and maybe take him out to lunch with Eric. He didn't want to leave my side, he said he wouldn't stay at home again with the book club ladies. I laughed at that, he seemed to be enjoying it yesterday when he was talking about so called Grace and William and abuse relationships.

Eric let out a sigh.

"I just don't, it brings unwanted memories. Do hospitals always have this certain smell or what the bloody fuck?" Eric peeved clearly riled up by just the thought of being in a hospital. Was it that bad? Well I had told him that no one was going to sit in the car-

He was forced to come with, besides I wanted both of us to surprise my dad. He had been so busy these couple of days. He didn't even come home the other night, my mom had to bring him supper at work. This was the life of the Winters but I wouldn't change it for anything. Somehow, after hearing about Eric once staying at a orphanage, I really wanted him to feel what it felt like to be part of a family, to be loved, to be appreciated and be surrounded by just people who care an

ric to untangle himself from me and give Dr. Anderson a hard knock on the face. I didn't feel bad. He deserved it. He had always made me feel unworthy, stupid and not good enough for me but the thing is I always actually deserved better.

"You didn't dare, Michelson." Robbie took back his stance his hand comforting his busted lip. The people passing by only gasped clearly shocked.

"I just did, Dr. Andy and if I'm not wrong a little girl called Emma Jenkins must be waiting with her parent for her arsehole replacement pediatrician." Eric's eyes were blazing and for a second I saw a flash of fear in Robbie's grey somber eyes.

"This isn't over, Michelson."

"Oh yes it is, I have the perfect girl and you have a kid and a fiancée waiting for your arse back home."

Robbie huffed then picked up the file and began to walk away. I couldn't help but smile and hug Eric. He wasn't just a flame that burnt me with the truth but he was a flame that kept parasites away from me.

"That needed to be done." Aunt Maggie laughed.

"You're very welcome." Eric gave a lip-sided smile.

"Well I take back what I said. Leona you better keep him close, he is a gem." She winked and is stood up to my tippy toes laying a soft kiss on Eric's cheek. He was surprised but bluntly covered it up.

"Who is taking me out for lunch, I'm all ready to leave?" I heard my dad's voice then immediately turned back. I was hoping he didn't see that scene.

"Your favorite duo." Eric joked making my father, give him a pat on the shoulder. It was undeniable that they had developed a close bond. I was happy and sad that he would have to leave everything we were creating beautifully.

That day I had lunch with my two favorite men in the world my father and my flame. Even though they spent most of the time making fun of me and talking about me as if I wasn't there and making me feel like I was third wheeling.

I truly adored them.

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