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   Chapter 18 He was so honest

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7947

Updated: 2019-04-03 22:42

I walked into a ruckus.

Noise, dismissive arguments.

A tad bit laughter.

"No no, I just don't understand how Grace still goes back to such an abusive relationship.." Eric explained to the group of women who listened attentively. No one had noticed my presence yet as I stood in my corner away from the dining table, where eight people sat with their books.

I didn't expect such a scene.

"Love is like that sometimes, I mean look no matter how much that person hurts you. You will always be bound to go back. Grace loves William dearly." One of the ladies who seemed to be her late forties explained as everyone listened carefully, including my mom. I couldn't help but bite back a smile as I looked at Eric browsing through his novel wearing spectacles-


Never took him as a four eyes type of guy. Never the less, he looked so attractive and yet so innocent. He was only a year older than me making him twenty-six but I always found myself feeling like he was a mere child who always needed my protection.

"Look here ladies, page 56 paragraph 2 Grace clearly explains to her mother that she never wants to see William again. This is after he had hit her for the second time alright..."

Eric seemed so passionate.

They continued to bicker until my eyes met those hazel brown eyes that belonged to Eric. He finally acknowledged my presence, a smile graced his lips making everyone around the dining table turn to my direction.

"You finally back, honey?" My mom gave me a smile.

"Yes, evening ladies." I greeted everyone in the room. I could feel Eric's eyes all over me. They all greeted me back, giving me quick smiles. Most of them were from church, Laura's mom was present as well as Robbie's mom, Mallory's mother.

"Dinner is in the microwave." She said but I didn't feel hungry. I had already had Chinese takeaways with Sam and Laura.

"Thanks mom but I'm actually going to go lie down." I said turning to walk away. I immediately heard a chair being pulled out from the table. I knew it was Eric...

I just knew.

Making my way upstairs to my room, I didn't sense his footsteps. I just felt his arms wrap around my waist.

"I won't lie, I missed you." He whispered in my ear making me blush.

"Thought you would be out picking up ladies, getting laid and hey why did you remove your glasses?" I said softly once I had t

rned, I'm the worst story teller." I heard him say. My eyes were still closed, clearly tired and ready to doze off.

"There was.." he paused probably thinking. "There was once a beautiful women who fell inlove with a tourist. He swept her off her feet and promised her heaven and earth. For years he would visit her and be with her even though they didn't see each other anytime they wanted to because of his visa. He made it a point to always visit once a year for atleast a month."

I felt sleepy but I really liked this story, it was soothing as Eric ran his fingers through my hair, he just loved my hair, I had came to realize. I didn't mind, I enjoyed it.

"He proposed to her and they promised to start a family which they did. She gave birth to a baby boy. The man was so happy. Sadly he couldn't stay with them because of his job in Spain so for years he travelled back and forth that was until the boy turned eight then he stopped coming. The boy waited for his father to come from Spain, he would tell all his friends about his precious hardworking father."

"Sadly it was brought to life that this man had been living a double life, he was married back in Spain and had one son. The woman was shuttered. Everyone shunned her for being with a married man. He never apologized, the man never came back to explain himself.."

"The boy grew distant and cold."

Everything he said went in through one ear and out with the other as I finally slept peacefully in his arms, he laid gentle kisses here and there.

There was no way, we could stay away from each other.

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