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   Chapter 17 He was so secretive

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"Search for him on Facebook!" Laura suggested, I had already done that on my own before. I shrugged deciding let me just give it one more try.

No results.

"Okay, maybe he has a middle name or instead of Eric Michelson try Rickey Michelson. He clearly loves that name more." She said taking a large bite off her apple then jumping on her bed where I sat with her MacBook. I didn't want to spend anytime with Eric so I told him, I had plans and yes I did have plans. To hang out at Laura and Sam's cute apartment until dawn, like the good old days. Was it weird that I was just leaving him alone with my parents? Well my dad was at the hospital all the time and my mom had held a book club every Monday and Wednesday's. He has a car so he probably went to pick up some ladies like he had said earlier.

It kind of bothered me.

"No results again, but there are other Rickeys just not that Rickey. He did say he wasn't interested in social media and all." I shrugged.

"And you believe him?" Laura asked in a sarcastic tone. "He has to have tried at-least opening a Facebook account. I mean come on even my dad has one.."

"I don't know, Laura. I honestly don't know, he is just so complicated." I gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Why don't you try opening his phone and just browsing through his texts or getting that number of the girl who had previously called."

"No no no, I really don't want to involve myself ever heard of the saying.. what you don't know won't hurt you."

Laura rolled her eyes making me laugh.

"I'm just curious, he doesn't have a LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter nada nothing.."

"Maybe he just doesn't like social media." I added.

"Stop making excuses for that asshole. No one fucks with my bestfriends feelings like that. Are you sure, you're okay with going back to normal terms after you guys kind of.." She said softly.

Honestly I didn't know.

"I think so, I mean... I didn't see him throughout the day. I just woke up and went out as soon as I could. He called asking about my whereabouts and I told him, I had specific plans."

"Aw, he called?" Laura cooed making me cringe.

"Stop Laura." I stifled a laugh.

"He cares."

"Because it's his job okay?" I said in a duh tone.

"His job.." she paused and I waited. "We could call the agency and ask for his personal info." She suggested.

"Why didn't we think of th

w, most of his clients specifically three speak very highly of him."

Did he sleep with them too? Ofcourse he did.

"Any other additional information?"

Laura was really good at this, she kept asking the questions that I would have asked even though I had forgotten them.

"Yes, he was born on the Fourth of July, he has a half brother Luka Javier Delgado, he has lived in Manchester most of his life.. including the Goodwill orphanage. I'm afraid he has been arrested twice but I assure you ma'am it was all in the past. You will be satisfied with his service although if any of this information triggers you in a bad way... we have other suggestions."

I quickly shook my head furiously telling Laura to say no.

"No no thank you. He is just okay, he is doing a great job uhm I guess that's all thank you so much. You were very helpful." Laura replied.

"It was a pleasure ma'am, if you have any concerns please do inform us by emailing us or calling this very same number. We're open from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm except on weekends or you could just come to our headquarters offices here in Seattle. If you don't have any more questions then have yourself a great day."

"You too." Laura said ending the call with that with both slumped ourselves on her bed and let out a sigh.

Laura then turned to look at me and whispered "You have fucked a prison bird." Making us both laugh because it was a movie reference. I didn't feel anything but some sort of sympathy for Eric.

"Jail bird." I corrected making us both laugh.

He was still my flame, regardless.

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