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   Chapter 14 He was so aggressive

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I went back to my room to get dressed and also do my light makeup. I wore a maroon tight fitting dress that shaped every meander on my body. I was always told maroon was my definitely my color because of the way it blended in with my hair color. Eastwood valley was a small town and everyone prided in looking good even if it was at church. Basically church was where most people got to show off who was wealthier than who and gossip about who was having financial troubles.. it was always about money and reputation rarely about actually religion..

When I was satisfied with how I looked, I went to Eric's room. It seemed I couldn't stay away from him and I always wanted to be close to him. I didn't know what this was or where it was going but like Laura had said.. I didn't and shouldn't think about it.

Eric was shaving in his bathroom so sat back on the bed just browsing through my instagram. Honestly, I had repeatedly told him that there was no need to shave because he looked really sexy with stubble and a cute mustache, he just laughed it off and said he preferred to stay clean. By clean he meant everywhere in general, I like that. I always browsed through my instagram when I was bored, the WiFi was super slow. I didn't know why but I totally hated it so I ended up playing candy crush that was until Eric's phone started ringing.

"Eric.." I yelled but there was no response.

Oh well.

It began ringing again and I huffed, taking his iPhone four and answering. I didn't know if Eric was just a cheap skate or what? But everything about him was just so cheap except his boots. Comparing my iPhone X and his iPhone four just wouldn't be fair. I knew it was merely a choice, he wasn't joking when he said he didn't care much about technology. I couldn't help but be bothered by the fact that if he created an Instagram page, girls would follow him like a flock of sheep, me being one of them. He was and is one of the


"You look sleek." I complimented.

"I could rip of this dress and take you right now." He laid a sloppy kiss on my neck and I blushed.


Church was well church.

Eric kept dozing off if he wasn't then he was seducing me, touching my thighs. Pastor Johnston was preaching and I couldn't help but give out a yawn. It wasn't boring, I was just tired. Robbie kept giving us both an eye when Eric went to the church bathrooms and gestured for me to follow. I did, like I would follow him to the back of beyond. When we got there he just pulled me in his arms and gently kissed me with no intention of letting me go.

"Uhm.." Someone cleared their throat and my cheeks flushed while I was still in Eric's arms. I didn't want to turn back.

"Hey Laura." Eric cleared his throat.

"You two, are obviously getting too cozy." She giggled making me look away. She just knew, she gave me that look that she knew this man was fucking me or had been fucking me.

"Yeah.." Eric replied.

"Lee, my dad said you must come and help with the holy communion like you always used to with me."

"Oh yeah right.." I pulled away from Eric's arms. Laura was quick to leave then Eric pulled me back and whispered, I will see you in a bit; I nodded.

He was really something, I was happy.

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