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   Chapter 12 He was so good in bed

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Dinner was awkward.

Well at least for me not knowing what plans Eric had for us tonight. At the back of my mind, I had to go tell myself... he couldn't have been joking. He always loves getting a reaction out of me. I was excited and nervous. Eric blended in with my family fast, he wasn't even a guest anymore judging by the way he talked and joked with my father about everything.

This time he offered to do the dishes with my mother and I told them I was going to shower for a bit, I clearly didn't miss the wink he gave me. My father had to leave for his night shift at the hospital. He was a busy man, you could say but he always made time for his family. He was and is very passionate about his job and that I admired about him.

On my way up the stairs, I heard my mom and Eric giggling when she said she wanted to show him my childhood photos. I groaned, could this get anymore embarrassing-

I had a nice warm bath, where I shaved my legs and my gem. I wasn't expecting anything but I just wanted to be clean. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being immaculate. I had my facial mask on while listening to some? 90s RNB. I thought about how much my life had drastically changed all because of one person. My fingers traced this beautiful drawn tattoo, I had to give it to the artist. He was really good and it took a lot for me to trust him and that he would do me justice.

I decided to keep myself busy there after by reading a novel a had left half way through. It kept me busy that time passed me by that was until I received a text.

You still coming or you're asleep. - E

I felt giddy and nervous. My skin shivered and my heart was doing somersaults. I breathed in and out trying to compose myself. I looked at myself on the mirror once more, I was in pajama shorts and a matching sleeveless top. I then decided to do something that I wouldn't ever consider doing... I knew Eric would force me to do it either way so I let my hair cascade down my neck. It was really long but I maintained it well. I took a few more minutes putting chapstick on my lips. Then my phone pinged another message.

I'm coming. - E

No, I'm coming. Patience loser. - L

I replied quickly then gently opened the door, sure not to make noise. My mom was probably asleep at this time if she wasn't it meant she was having her midnight prayer or reading a scripture or two. My dad wouldn't be back till seven in the morning. Why did I imagine a lot of thing happening..

I didn't want to get my hopes up.

I didn't bother knocking as that would make more noise. His room was four rooms away from mine. I bet you my father is the one who choose which guest room Eric would occupy. No, doubt.

I got in and gently closed the door. I didn't miss the way his eyes lightened up when he noticed I had my hair down. He was shirtless, laying back on the headboard... he looked like a sight to take in.

"Took you long enough." He smirked.

I suddenly felt nervous.

"Now get in the bathroom and try my gifts on." He gestures toward the Victoria's secret shopping bag that laid on the edge of the bed. I was glad his guest room had a bathroom but still I would practically be half naked in front of him.

"Alright alright, atleast give me a second to breath.." I huffed making him smirk.

"I can hardly wait, make it fast Leo." He paused. "I mean sugar tits like so called Robbie would say." He laughed.

"I can't stand you." I grabbed the bag getting in the ensuite bathroom.

"Then stand in the bathroom." I heard his lame reply but immediately shut the door.

I browsed through the things, he had bought and lord did I want to jump out the window and run to my room and sleep like the innocent girl I am.


I had never been in a thong before.

"Make it snappy Leo." Eric yelled and I couldn't believe he wasn't even thinking of lowering his voice knowing my mom was in the very same house as us.

I stripped off my pajamas and put on the black bikini, he had bought for me. It fit my breasts perfectly and made me look rather ravishing. Myself I liked it and I never liked much of anything.

Apparently he had only bought two items and that was a bikini and lingerie which I dreaded. The bikini didn't cover most of my butt, it could almost pass as a thing well merely. I was so glad I shaved because this was all too quite reviewing.

I opened the door and peeped looking

stood tall and thick and-

I rolled the condom on him, then he told me to lay down which I did. He had to be the most sexiest man I had ever seen. Every single one of his tattoos did him justice. He asked me again and I was tired of him worrying about him so I sealed our lips with a kiss. We moved in synch. He rubbed the tip on my core and I whimpered wanting more. He bit on my earlobe before whispering-

"Here we go."

With that he slowly pushed in my tight walls. I had never felt this full and he wasn't even fully in yet. I whimpered.

"Eric.." He distracted me by joining our lips together, with that he fully thrust into me. My yelp only ended in his mouth. I was glad because I didn't want my mother waking up to such a scene.

He started to move slowly in and out making sure to look me in the eye while doing it. I kept closing my eyes at how good and kind of painful it felt.

"Keep your eyes open, okay?" He asked his voice restrained.

I nodded.

After I had adjusted to his size, he started going at a faster pace. I cried with pleasure my arms wrapped around his neck. I let my teeth sink onto his neck so I could avoid moaning aloud. Every time he thrust into me, I bit on his neck. It seemed to give us both erotic pleasure.

"Fuck you're so tight so breathtaking so beautiful .." he whispered in my ear.

His lips found mine and we continued ravaging each other. My vagina walls tightened around him making me growl, I knew I was milking the life out of him but he continued going. I felt him twitch inside me, I knew he was close. We were both close. He thrust into me a little harder, I felt like I would rip apart but I only ripped into my second orgasm. We were both breathing harder, he continued going giving me three last thrusts before releasing into the condom.

Never in my life had I ever felt like this.

He gave me a mouth watering kiss before pulling out. I was tired, I didn't know if he wanted to do it for the second time but my thighs ached, in a properly fucked way not rapist way.

Looking into his eyes, I could see a feeling of happiness and adoration as he looked at me. He kissed me again before letting me know he was going to the bathroom.

I pulled the sheets over my body and picked up my items as I planned to go back to my room, it was already three am, we surely took time. I heard the door open standing naked in his glory. He gave me a confused look.

"Where are you going?"

"Uhm to my room." I said not looking at him.

"Look.." He walked over to where I was standing and put a strand of my hair behind my ear. "You're twenty-five whether your parents want to believe or not, they know deep down we're having sex. We're in a relationship, darn right." He smirked.

I smiled.

"Come to bed my darling." Lifted me bridal style and I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot.

It was clear, I was inlove with him and there was nothing I could do about it.

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