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   Chapter 11 He was so freaky

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"You got a freaking tattoo wow Lee, I never thought I'd live to see that day.." Laura let out an exaggerated reaction. Everyone in Starbucks kept giving us looks. I was a bit embarrassed but I was used to it. Laura was sweet, just a tad bit loud.

"Yeah with Eric.." I muttered my hand laid on my chin and a comfortable stance.

"I figured, he was the only force that could have triggered this." She smiled widely, she seemed happier than I was.

"Yeah... he really is something." I smiled.

"Are you-" she gasped. "In-love with Ricky?"

"What?!" I gave her a scowl. "No no no.."

She wiggled her eyes brows at me and I ended up laughing. She let it slide this time as she changed the subject.

"Well tell me what you have been busy with?" I took a sip of my cappuccino, it was absolutely delight. My mind immediately drifted to Eric, I wondered what was he doing right now? It was getting harder and harder to be away from him. I didn't want to be this attached but I couldn't help it not with his charming ways-

Who am I kiddin? That man was far from from charming.

He was an arsehole, with a bad case of verbal diarrhea.

Yesterday we had went from the tattoo shop and went straight to Mcdonalds where Eric ordered me a kiddies meal to make me feel happy. I couldn't help but laugh. In actual fact yesterday was the best day of my life but all I knew was I would always have a great time as long as Eric was around. Fun was his middle name, he clearly forgot to tell me that.

"You know Addie is back in town right?" Laura smiled, she always smiled even for no reason whatever but I understood that she smiled because this was her beloved older sister.

"Uh-huh." I said taking a bite off my blueberry muffin.

"Yeah, she is getting married and she came back so dad could wed them."

"Are you serious? Addie Addie our atheist Addie rebellious Addie who absolutely hates love and doesn't believe in marriage is getting married.." I almost choked.

"She has changed, Lee. I'm really shocked." Laura gave me a nod.

"Wait so you mean she is really getting married?" I shook my head as I waited till I had swallowed the food in my mouth. "To who? Who would want to stick with your sisters rude ass for life? No offense." I took another bite.

Laura immediately let out a laugh. She understood. Addie had caused so much shame in the Johnston

sleep because my reality was much better than my dreams.

"Hey.." I smiled at Laura who gave me a thumbs up.

"Sugar tits." I immediately rolled my eyes.

"Eric.." I gave him a whining voice.

"I'm at Victoria's Secret and I wanted to know your size.."

I almost choked on my saliva.

"What?" I furrowed my eyebrows, Laura gave me a smile, wanting to know what he was saying.

"You said your tattoo would look great in a bikini so I want to get you a bikini, is there a problem milady?" He said in his British accent.

"Well I don't wear bikinis, only swimming costumes." It was true, I never felt comfortable enough to walk around in a bikini.

"Alright grandma, I will get you a bikini and some lingerie for when we cure my blue balls."

I was shocked.

I couldn't imagine having sex with him.

Well I did but-

This was Eric, he could be joking but I wanted to. I really wanted to ever since he laid those wet kisses on my lower region, it's all I could think of.

"Sir May I help you?" A lady spoke through the phone.

"Yeah, I want something sexy for my girlfriend. She has a body sculptured by the Gods. Don't give me the skinny anorexic type, give me something that accommodates her luscious buns."

"Hey, Leo you still there?"

"Uhm yeah.." I was out of breath, he had complimented me. Ofcourse I got compliments all the time about my hourglass shape but this was Eric who said he would never date someone like me.

"Alright, come to my room at midnight." With that the line went dead. He was truly a flame and I was about to get burnt.

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