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   Chapter 10 He was so adventurous

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 9367

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Hey sugar tits. x

I received a text and immediately knew who it was. Only one person called me sugar tits because he would always say he loved how perfect and perky they were. I didn't know if I should be happy that Robbie was finally giving me attention. I was also trying my level best not to have... thoughts about Eric even though, he was right next to me.

Fuck guys!

"Should I take any brand of milk?" Eric brought me out of my thoughts. We were running my parents errands, after having dropped off his luggage back home. We had to go to Walmart to buy a few things.

"My dad is a little picky actually-" like replied. "Let's take the dairy farmers brand." I said immediately going back to my phone. This was something I had always wanted... Robbie's attention.

"You better not be talking to that arsehole." Eric clicked his tongue pushing the trolley past me.

Someone clearly wasn't in the mood.

"And if I am?" I sassed away.

"Then you're an imbecile and guess what? He will just continue using you. For fucks sake the lad is engaged and has a baby with another woman stop snooping around like a lost puppy. Move on!" Eric let his verbal diarrhea get to far. "Sugar tits." He said rolling his eyes and I felt embarrassed.

"Why is everything so sexual with him?" He added.

"What's next on the list?" I ignored him. I was hurt but deep down I knew there was some truth in his harshness.

"My advise.." he said with a smirk and I furiously decided to grab the list from his hand making him laugh. Everything was always a banter with him. For a second he seemed angry and the next he seemed so carefree.

"I don't want it."

Suddenly we ran into one of my distant friend from high school. She waved and I inwardly groaned, could this get any worse. She wasn't my favorite of people. With her blonde hair and Nike tracksuit she jogged to our aisle. With a bottle of mineral water and almonds in hand.

We get it Mallory, you're coming from the gym.

"Leona, long time no see?" She smiles giving me a hug and double kisses on both cheeks.

Who still did that, was this the French Revolution century?

It made me beyond jealousy when she did the same with Eric who was very welcoming.

"Why didn't you tell me you were around town? Last time I heard you ran off to New York after... oh good lord-" she paused, showing off her red manicured hands on her chest. "With Brenda of all people.." she gasped.

"Yeah Mal." I gave her a cheeky smile.

"I see you moved on quickly." She gestured at Eric.

"Oh yeah, this is my boyfriend Eric and Eric this is Mallory... my friend."

Our town was pretty small. So everyone knew everyone here. The poor lived downtown but the rich stayed up north. It seemed our parents always forced us to be friends with the wealthy pe

iled broadly. "Surely is the best in town if people like you are coming here. Come on in? I could work overtime, if you're willing to pay the price.."

"Perfect, can I see your samples.."

And that ladies and gentleman was how I got a tattoo with a brutish lad who I had only met two weeks ago. I didn't want to go overboard, I wanted it to be in a hidden place where only myself and the tattoo artists only knew well... as well as my potential boyfriend who I would have sex with.

Eric told me to live in the moment and that wherever he went. He always got inked so he wouldn't forget the feeling he felt being at a certain place with someone. It made me wonder if he was actually getting a tattoo that reminded him of me.

Eric got a tattoo of a Rose ?? with very visible thorns. He said that was because I was always a pain in the ass and my hair was red like the rose and that he liked it down. My heart melted. I had to think hard to get a tattoo that would beat his idea at the same time... it had to mean a lot to me. There was no doubt he already made me have a rollercoaster of feelings.

So I got a tattoo of a flame ??.

On my lower abdomen, near my sacred vagina. Eric joked about how I had messed up my chances of ever getting laid. I just wanted to have it somewhere my parents would never be caught searching plus it looked sexy, if I was to wear a bikini.

I cried because it was painful even it being a small tattoo but Eric gave me kisses when it was done. My skin shivered, my panties felt damp when his wet lips laid a soft kiss on my lower abdomen where my tattoo laid

A flame tattoo.

He was a flame, he came in my life as a flame. It burned me with the truth that was hard to swallow. He lighten my dark blunt world. He gave color to my world. He was a flame I could never put out.

His name was Eric Michelson.

My flame.

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