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   Chapter 9 He was so nice

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6168

Updated: 2019-04-03 22:20

Flickering my eyes open, my vision was still blurry. A blanket was pulled over my body, my hair- my hair was in my face. I never put my hair down even though whenever I did. I received so many compliments. There was an empty space beside me, it was a single bed; what did I expect? I smiled at the thought of yesterday... Eric was actually being nice to me. I stood up yawning like an animal, thank God he wasn't here to witness that.

Why do you care so much? My subconscious mocked.

This was going to far, I needed to stop. I thought to myself. I had a beautiful dream that Eric had been playing with my hair. He softly ran his fingers through it. It was a good feeling I thought to myself.

Looking for a hair tie around, I immediately found one on my desk. I had a stack of those because my hair was always in a ponytail. It suited me best. My eyes then flickered to a diary looking journal that laid there. I didn't waste time opening it.

I immediately cringed.

- By twenty-five I should be married

- Laura will my my maid of honor obviously.

- By twenty six I should have little Robbie's running around.

- Robbie wants three kids, I want just one but I will give him whatever he wants.

This was disgusting, I was so naive.

I continued flickering to the rest of the pages and what I saw reminded me of that regretful day. I never wanted to think about but I had to let my feelings out.. reason being why I write it down.

- Dear Diary

Robbie says if I don't sleep with him, it would be best if we break up. I'm not ready, I'm scared but I love him and I don't want to lose him. His parents know my parents and I know his parents, he is the perfect boyfriend. It might not be on our wedding night but we will get married eventually so why not just give it to him now. Laura thinks Robbie is being manipulative but

ght out of my lungs.

"The next time I see Robert, he won't live to see tomorrow." He then pulled away smiling with his beautiful pearly whites. Right there and there, I knew my journal was only out in the open because he had read it.

I felt embarrassed.

"Ricky are these greens enough?" My mom asked and Eric nodded. So everyone could call him Ricky but me. What scared me the most was how attached my family was already becoming. It was just a three month job, he won't ever see them after that.

"Ricky, so you mind running my errands. I have the whole Saturday at work today." My dad sighed. "You could take one of the cars we don't usually use, figured you just recently arrived and haven't had time to rent a car." My father said thoughtfully.

"No, problem Mr. Winters." Eric said.

His eyes flickered towards me and then I quickly looked away. Going to take a seat next to my dad, I asked him what was new? while Eric and my mom made breakfast and conversed with each other.

Was it bad, I wish this was real?

That morning we had breakfast as a family and laughed at Eric's childhood stories. Everyone was just so happy and carefree but at the back of my head stood that thought.

Eric Michelson knew.

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