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   Chapter 8 He was a good liar

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Everyone eventually left as it was almost sunset but to my surprise Robbie and his little family still stuck around. I didn't want him here, I didn't want his little family here as well and that thing-

Let's just say Robbie knew me well, we had practically grown up together with my bestfriend Laura. He could always tell when I wasn't being myself and today I wasn't. We were best of friends before we started a relationship. Even though Eric played his part well... my dad seemed to love him but my mom was still very cautious of him.

"Aren't you leaving? the baby must be tired." I faked a laugh at Brenda. I didn't know if she knew that I didn't like her but at the looks of it... if she knew she certainly played pretend well.

"He isn't much of a trouble maker really.. he sleeps most of the time." Brenda gave me what looked like a genuine smile. "Do you want to hold him?"

I panicked.

"No, it's alright." I quickly went to grab plates setting them on the table. Making myself busy avoiding... holding the little relationship ruiner. I looked around and saw my mom setting the dishes on the huge dining table. Eric, Robbie and my father were out of sight. That scared me.. what were they doing? Robbie had been giving Eric a cold eye ever since he arrived. Eric seemed to be fitting in perfectly with my family and friends.

Aunt Debra had been sent home early because she got a bit drunk and immediately started acting inappropriately with my so called boyfriend. I could see the discomfort on Eric's face even though.. I suppose he played it well. Aunt Debra couldn't keep her hands to herself and kept asking Eric inappropriate questions. It had me flustered, although trying to get back at Eric for last time, it was kind of funny.

Suddenly chuckles and laughter joined the huge dining room. I never understood why my parents had such a huge house when it was always practically just the two of them.

I couldn't tell what the laughter was all about but my father had a hand on Eric shoulder giving him a pat. Robbie was on the side, he looked very uncomfortable. I guess, he wasn't being treated like the boyfriend and that upset him. He should have thought of that before making someone pregnant and making me the laughing stock of the whole town.

Eric's eyes flickered towards mine and I quickly looked away... he somewhat made me nervous. I couldn't do it! It made me very nervous and awkward. His stare, made the hairs on my arms stand up. I was still not used to him and what made it worse was when we touched. I had never in my life felt like that not even for Robbie. I didn't like this not even one bit. I had not even known this man for as long as I'd like to think I have.

"The beetles, that was a time to be alive." My father chuckled taking a seat round the table where Brenda was already seated with her little-

Right... the beetles.

My father wouldn't stop talking.

"My grandparents met at a Beatles concert, their wedding song was hey Jude." Eric chuckled. "Iconic!" He added in his deep British accent that I secretly adored. I found myself smiling a bit. I loved learning bits of Eric, it was interesting. Or was it another lie? Part of his job? I quickly shook these thoughts away.

"The first time I met your mother snowflake.." my father added me in the conversation. "You danced to twist and shout." I added with a smile. This was something my father always told me through the years. He enjoyed telling me youthful days stories. I enjoyed listening to them. I looked at my mom who couldn't stop smiling as she sat beside my father.

s. On my way there I screeched a very unlady like scream. Shirtless Eric immediately put his hands on my mouth. Although this was a huge house and my parents master bedroom was on a much farther corner of the house, I still didn't want to wake them up at two am.

My eyes traced at his tattoos.

They were art.

I didn't even like tattoos.

"What the fuck are you doing Leo?" He questioned, his black jet hair looked a sexy mess.

"Uhm I wanted to go fetch water downstairs." I stuttered. I could see the glow in his eyes maybe it was the deam lights in the corridor.

"You scared me." I added, pulling away from his warm body.

He simply chuckled and Jesus Christ-

I clearly had fetish for men with straight white teeth.

"Right... well I kind of got lost instead of the kitchen I ended up in the gym room." Eric chuckled. His Adam's apple bopped up and down. I could see the little shade of dark hair going from the v on his waist to his lower region that was covered with-

"Are those my dads pijamas?" I held a laugh.

"Hey, he insisted and I couldn't say no to the father of my girlfriend. Your mom said I needed to be comfortable here." Eric teased pinching my cheeks a bit.

I blushed.

Instead of going back to my room, that night... Eric and I went to fetch water downstairs. I knew the house was huge so I gave him hints here and there like the movie room and my dad's little table tennis court lounge. He came back to my room with both our bottles of water. For a while we talked about how ridiculous the people at the cookout actually believed in our fake relationship.

I felt sad at the mention of fake but I laughed it off. We went into the balcony and made funny of Robbie's military haircut and obnoxious attitude. He browsed through the things in my room and we made fun of how blunt it was and barely any girly stuff. We laid on the bed staring at the ceiling, sleepy.. I asked him one question-

"Eric?" I questioned.

"Mhm" he replied. Now he had turned his head to stare at me. His warm brown eyes seemed to tell a story. I wanted to know.. so badly.

"What's your favorite Beatles song?" I asked.

He smiled, I loved his smile.

He put a strand of my red hair away from my face and whispered.

"Hard days night."

With that I slept peacefully in his arms. His breath in my face. I didn't seem to mind.

Eric Michelson wasn't so bad.

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